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First thing you're probably wondering is... What is the LRX?


To give you a run-down, it's an easy-to-use, touch screen Tune Flashing Device made to work with a plethora of Ford vehicles, including Mustang, F-150, and Explorer ST. Of course, it's the preferred tuning device of Lund Racing. Just like many of the other tuning devices from companies like SCT Performance and HPTuners, outside of just tuning and flashing, the device has so many more features that can help you keep your car running its best. 



Not only can it program and flash vehicles through the OBD2, it can read and clear CEL/DTC's, perform various service functions such as crank relearn, datalog your vehicle, monitor various vehicle parameters such coolant & oil temperature, adjust for different rear end ratio or tire size, and of course, store various tune files for easy re-flashing when needed. The service functions and parameters available to monitor will vary for each vehicle, as some have different functions than others, as well as Tire/Gear Adjust not being available S197 cars. Despite its minor limitations, this device is extremely versatile and definitely useful for anyone looking to keep their car or truck running perfectly. 



How do you flash a tune using the LRX? 




It's REALLY simple.


First, you're going to want to download the LRX Updater Software on a Windows desktop or laptop computer (that has access to the internet). Once installed and the program is open, you can plug your LRX device in using the provided USB cable. Once it's connected, it will automatically sync to the cloud to upload or download your tuning files. When Lund uploads tune files, you will repeat the update process and see those tune files in the Vehicle Files list. You can also upload/import tune files from a download on your computer, if need be. 








Next, you're going to want to plug your LRX into your vehicle using the supplied OBD2 cable. Once installed, the LRX device should power on and start its "start-up sequence". It will ask to you to agree to their End User License Agreement before you can use the device. Once you agree, click "Programming" and follow the prompts to save your Stock Calibration/Tune File. Once, the Stock File is saved, you can go back into the "Programming" menu and select a "Performance Cal". Tap on the Calibration/Tune File you would like to load and hit "Continue" to start that process. 

Notes: - If your car is not currently on a stock tune or you're not sure, communicate with your designated support agent at Lund for further instruction.

- You will not see "Performance Cals" until you have successfully saved your Stock Cal. 

- This process may take up to 20 minutes, depending on vehicle. We recommend hooking up a battery charger to ensure your battery doesn't die during the process. 





Once the vehicle is flashed successfully with the Performance Calibration/Tune from Lund Racing, it's highly recommended to plug the LRX back into your computer with the LRX Updater software open so that it can upload your Stock Calibration to the cloud servers, incase of any issue. Of course, it's crucial to follow your tuner's steps on what to do after flashing the vehicle. Often times, they will request that you datalog the vehicle under specific instructions to ensure the car is running safely and correctly. 


Check out Lund Racing's Complete Overview Video of the device here! 




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