Lethal Lowdown: Goodbye to the nGauge, Hello to the 3.8L Whipple & more

It's TIIIME for another episode of the Lethal Lowdown here at Lethal Performance, a quick wrap up of happenings & more in the world of #teamlethal & the performance industry.



In this episode:


  • NEW Whipple for the 5.0L Coyote
  • Clutch 101
  • Fuel System 101
  • NEW products from DivisionX
  • Say bye to the nGauge




JUST RELEASED: The 3.8L Whipple Supercharger for the Coyote

The Coyote Mustang 3.8L supercharger, like the 3.0L, is inverted with Whipple's LARGE dual-core intercooler for increased cooling (did we say large???).  It also features a new, redesigned inlet for the best, most efficient airflow. 


Like the GT500, the 3.8L Whipple for the Coyote is taller than the 3.0L (.375" taller, to be exact) but will fit under the stock Mustang hood and cowl with Whipple's engine lowering brackets (INCLUDED in the kits). As of right now, the engine lowering kit is still required for aftermarket hoods as it hits the cowl if not lowered. (Whipple is working on a lid change so that it will clear the cowl, though!) 


CLICK HERE for more info.



TECH: Which clutch? Which fuel system?? Which wires?!


Clutch 101


Our clutch & accessories guide has the info YOU need to choose the best clutch setup for your application AND which accessories you’ll need (and want) to go with it. 


CLICK HERE to check out our Clutch Guide.


Want to check out our Lethal Performance exclusive line of high performance clutches?  CLICK HERE!



Fuel System FAQ & selection guide


Fuel systems aren't generally very exciting to most. They offer a 0hp gain and, minus a little bling hidden in the engine bay, they don't offer any aesthetics at a photoshoot.  BUT they are IMPORTANT. Without the proper fueling your build is at risk. DON'T SKIMP ON FUELING (or you will regret it, later). 


We get a lot of questions related to the fuel systems on late model Mustangs. We've actually compiled an FAQ page with our most commonly asked questions as well as a chart to dig a little deeper and let you know all the details on our very own Lethal Performance fuel systems: from their horsepower ratings to what size feed & return lines they come with. Click the links below to help you decide which of our fuel systems is the right one for YOUR BUILD and to answer any questions you may have.


CLICK HERE for our Fuel System Application chart.
CLICK HERE for our Fuel System FAQ.



NEW PRODUCTS: The BOX and Large Marge (wait, what?)


We have TWO new products debuting from Division X for your fuel system. 


First up, we have the all new Division X “The Box.” This is our latest & greatest upgrade for your fuel system. This dual-stage pump controller allows you to control up to 3 fuel pumps and has built in relays & fuses (plus some other pretty trick components). We’ll have a full release on this product very soon (get pumped!). 



Next up we have our new large-and-in-charge fuel filter dubbed Large Marge (yep, that’s a PeeWee reference… IYKYK!). This filter is larger with a much higher flow than our standard fuel filter and is available with both a new microglass element or stainless steel element. It is available for purchase on it’s own or as an upgrade to our fuel systems. Be on the look out for an informative video on this product coming soon. 



CLICK HERE to grab your own Large Marge. 


It’s so hard to say goodbye… to the nGauge


You may have heard by now that the nGauge is soon to be extinct. No more. The end. 



BUT, don’t fret, we have plenty left IN STOCK right now of the HP Tuners nGauge, available with and without custom tuning from Palm Beach Dyno. 


CLICK HERE to get yours before they’re gone…


That’s it for this episode but stay tuned for future episodes of the Lethal Lowdown and tons more tech tips, product features & more from #teamlethal