Lethal Performance’s 2021 First Edition Ford Bronco


Our newest pony in the stable isn't a Mustang! Meet our 2021 First Edition Ford Bronco with the 2.7L TT V6 EcoBoost and the 10-speed automatic transmission in Lightning Blue. 




In this build... (Click to jump ahead)

Picking up at Weikert

Jared & Cougs hit up the Off-Rodeo

UPR Catch Can Install

Getting tuned by Whipple

MRT Trail Rated Exhaust & Hood Struts

Roush Performance Exhaust

Hitting the Drag Strip

Whipple Superchargers Intake

Roush Performance R Series Cold Air Intake

AWE 0FG Catback System

Oil Change featuring Liqui-Moly

Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve (BOV)

MRT King of the Hill Exhaust

Icon Lift & VR Wheels




Picking up the Bronco at Weikert Ford

When Ford announced that the Bronco was making a comeback, we KNEW we had to have one. We put our order in as soon as the order banks open and, like the rest of those with Broncos on order, we waited (and waited...and waited some more). But then, in October of 2021 we got the call that it had arrived at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, FL so it was time to go see our good buddy Phillip Weikert!



While we were there we got to check out Phillip's new toy: a Ford GT MK IV. What an impressive machine. Very different from the Bronco, haha. Now that we have the Bronco, it's time to learn more about the features it has...


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Cougs & The Mustang King take on the Off-Rodeo

Just 2 days after we picked up our Bronco we were off to New Hampshire to learn all we could about the capabilities of this resurrected Ford favorite.



Jared & Christy flew up to New Hampshire to take part in Ford's Bronco Off-Rodeo program, an intense 10-hour day filled with rock crawls, mud pits & more. They teach you not only the features of the new Bronco but also how to put it to use in multiple types of terrain.



We had an absolute blast! There were some nerves going in, since neither of us had ever done much off-roading before, but those quickly left the building when we realized how much this new Bronco can handle. Props, Ford, props.


Some pics from the trip:


Now, back to Lethal Performance to get to work on our own Bronco!

UPR Catch Cans, BOV adapter & Antenna: Why you need them and where to put them!

Not even a week that we have had the Bronco and we already got a text from Steve B., aka The Catch Can Man, from UPR Products: "Hey, when can you stop by?". We knew we were in store for some treats (aka a nice new catch can setup) but we didn't know there would be extra goodies!



Steve not only set us up with their catch can setup, but also installed their new Blow Off Valve Adapter. this BOV Adapter will allow you to vent the hot boost to the atmosphere instead of recycling it back into the system and creating much hotter inlet temperatures. It also gives you a nice little PSHH sound.



CLICK HERE to grab yourself an AMP BOV Adapter!


A couple of weeks later Jared aka The Mustang King (or is it the Bronco King, now?) headed back over to UPR Products to leave our 2021 First Edition 2.7L Bronco with them so that he could develop their new dual valve catch can setup for those guys wanting a little more out of their oil separator setup. 



Ready to grab this setup for your own Bronco? CLICK HERE!


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FIRST BRONCO tuned by Whipple Superchargers!

The 2021+ Ford F150s and Broncos present an issue with tuning right now, as the PCM is pretty much locked up tight. However, with Whipple's awesome relationship with the guys over at Ford & their calibration team, Dustin and the Whipple team are able to bring you upgraded calibrations for these new, secure vehicles making them the FIRST and ONLY (right now) company being able to tune the 2021+ Bronco and F150 (oh and did we mention they are 50 STATE LEGAL?!). 

When Dustin called us and told us he had a calibration ready to go for our 2021 First Edition Bronco 2.7L, we jumped on it! But before loading the calibration, we also wanted to make sure to get some baseline numbers to see what improvements the tune gave us. 


>> CLICK HERE to check out the Whipple calibration
>> CLICK HERE to check out the Whipple Stage 1 system 


Check out the video & CLICK HERE to get more info!




When said & done, our Bronco picked up over 50rwhp and 80rwtq with JUST a Whipple calibration!


CLICK HERE to get the tune for your own 2.7L Ford Bronco!

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MRT Exhaust & Hood Struts: Installation & Sound Clips


The Bronco market is exploding with a bunch of different parts and accessories. MRT was kind enough to reach out to us and show off some their new goodies. Did you think we'd say no? lol.

In Part 1 of our MRT installation video series, Jared "The Bronco King" shows us how easy it is to install MRT's new Bronco hood struts over at our good friends' place WBA Performance. Also, you can check out our 2021 Ford Bronco performance parts and 2021 Ford Bronco Sport performance parts in our inventory.



Want to get a set for your own Bronco? CLICK HERE!


In Part 2 of the MRT installation series, we install MRT's Trail Rated exhaust onto our 2.7L First Edition Bronco. We'll show you how it sounded stock AND with the MRT exhaust. It's a big difference!


Want to get some sound out of your Bronco? Check out the links below!

Turndown Axleback: CLICK HERE

Single Tip Axleback: CLICK HERE


Roush Performance Exhaust: Installation & Sound Clips


Wouldn't it be awesome if we installed multiple different exhausts so you could hear the differences? We think so. 

Roush Performance sent us their new exhaust for the 2.3L and 2.7L Bronco and it's a beauty! This exhaust fits both engine sizes and comes with a great looking 5" black exhaust tip. Check out the video:



This exhaust will fit both the 2.3L and 2.7L Bronco, however it does require you to remove the rear bumper cover & rotate your factory 2.3L bracket OR replace your 2.7L bracket with the INCLUDED 2.3L bracket (rotated). This sounds daunting but is very easily done in your driveway. 

In the video, we remove the spare tire however you could also just open the tailgate (sometimes we think too much? haha). 


Ready to purchase this Roush exhaust? CLICK HERE!


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TO THE TRACK! Wait, what?


The Lethal Performance 4 door first edition Bronco made its way down the drag strip last night for the first time. Now before everyone get all crazy we FULLY understand that the 2021 Ford Bronco isn't designed to be drag raced. However we were curious what times the bronco would run with the all new calibration from Whipple Superchargers. Our Bronco is a 4 door first edition Sasquatch package with the hard top roof and was run at full weight with the spare tire still mounted to the tailgate. 


We made several attempts taking it down the strip starting off in 2wd where it simply blew the tires off. Switched to 4wd and foot braked it a few time where it still either spun the tires or made the bronco hop. 

A few low 15 second passes were made. With a few minutes left of our private rental I foot braked the truck again but not nearly as hard as the earlier runs where it blew the tires off. The bronco hopped a tad but I stayed in it. As I saw the best 60ft of the night on the board I kept in it. After coming back down to the pits I was greeted by our sales manager with a 14 second pass. 

The only performance modifications to our Bronco at the time of the run was the Whipple Supercharger's 50 state legal calibration and Roush axleback exhaust.  


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Let it breathe: Whipple Superchargers Filter Swap


We installed the Whipple High Flow Direct Replacement Air Filter in our 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition (2.7).



In the video below, we show you what you need and walk you through step by step how easy of a job this is.



This filter is 50 state legal and is also included in Whipple Supercharger's Stage 1 setup along with their Tomahawk flash device and larger intercooler.


Check out the intake HERE


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Intake Round 2: Roush Performance R Series Cold Air Intake


Previously we Installed the Whipple filter on our Bronco and it was great, but part of offering you guys all of these awesome parts is testing them out, too! Our good friends at Roush Performance sent us their new R Series intake setup to test out and it is NICE. This thing is CLEAN and will definitely help get more airflow in and keep the dirt out (especially when paired with the supplied pre-filter... which is NOT a hair net...) The intake fits both the 2.3L and the 2.7L (not BUT the Sport, sorry).



CLICK HERE to grab an intake for your setup! 


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Listen: AWE 0FG Catback

It's like we're putting a new exhaust on everytime you turn around. We just want to make sure we get JUST the right sound (plus it gives us the option of letting you hear all of them so that you can pick your favorite for your own Bronco). 



This system includes everything you will need to install it on any 2021+ Ford Bronco (Excluding Bronco Sport), such as clamps, hardware, mounts, and connecting pipes, but they also include their Bash Guard, a shortened version of the system, to ensure you do not damage your beautiful system while rock climbing. 


PIctured: AWE BashGuard


This is a totally Bolt On System, meaning no cutting or welding required, making it easy to do anywhere or by anyone! 


CLICK HERE to check out the AWE catback systems!


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Time for an oil change feat. Liqui-Moly


It was time for our Bronco to get an oil change so we reached out to our friends over at Liqui-Moly to create the ultimate oil change packages.  We went the extra step to help the engine out for the future with their Engine Flush as well as Cera Tec. To learn more about the Bronco oil change, click here.





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Things that make you go PSSHHH! (TurboSmart BOV)


We installed the all new Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port BOV on our 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition 2.7L . Then, we make some sounds that we all wanted to hear out of the Ecoboost!

Install is as easy as it gets, as you only need 2 hand tools:

- An E6 Socket, along with a ratchet.

- A Phillips Head Screwdriver.



There's two options for your BOV: The Dual Port for a 50% vent to atmosphere or the Plumb Back which is 100% recirculated. (You'll want the Dual Port for the most sound)

Dual Port VR13 (50% vented to atmosphere/50% recirculated) >> CLICK HERE!

Plumb Back VR13 (stock sound and operation) >> CLICK HERE!


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MRT King of the Hill exhaust


Oh look, another exhaust! Haha. This time we're installing MRT's King of the Hill exhaust. 

Key Features: 
- Made out of T304 Stainless Steel 
- Clamps Directly to OEM Midpipe. 
- Available with both Polished and Black Ops tips. 
- Most Aggressive sound MRT makes for the Bronco.



CLICK HERE to check out the King of the Hill exhaust from MRT!


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FINALLY we lift up the Bronco & slap on some wheels!


We FINALLY got the Lethal 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition lifted with the ICON 3 Inch Lift and Level Kit so that we could mount our 17x8.5 VR Forged D14 Wheels with the BF Goodrich 37x12.5 " tires to give our Bronco a little bit more of an aggressive stance. It looks AMAZING!



Here's how it looks:

So good, right? We think so. 

Ready for yours to get the same upgrades?


CLICK HERE for our selection of VR Forged wheels for your Bronco!
CLICK HERE to check out the Icon 3" Lift Coilover Spacer Kit!



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Stay tuned for MORE Bronco awesomeness as we continue our build! Next up: Rigid lights, Rough Country side steps and a new AWE exhaust system! Got a newer model? Then check out our 2022 Ford Bronco parts or 2022 Ford Bronco Sport parts.


If you have any questions about the content on this page, our Ford Bronco or any of the thousands of performance parts & accessories we carry here at Lethal Performance give us a call at 561-753-8105 or email us!