Lethal Performance’s 2024 Ford Mustang GT Build Plans


Our 2024 Ford Mustang GT is here! With a TON of plans for building this new platform, let’s get into it! 

Written by Joe "Average Joe" Rocchio


We went down to our buddies at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, Florida to pick up our all new 2024 Ford Mustang GT.  We were lucky enough to grab a beautifully spec’d out Premium, Performance Package, Metallic Grabber Blue S650 with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission. Of course, we couldn’t pick up any car from Weikert without doing a proper Lethal fashion break in... (a big ol' burnout). We also had a special guest back from the dead to help take delivery of the new car, Randy “MACHO MAN” Savage! 


Check out the full video of our pick up here! 





We’re gonna be running a set of Vossen HF7’s in a 20x10 / 20x11 configuration as the street-driven set of wheels in their brushed silver finish. For the track, we’re going to be running our LPS5 Wheels, with the 17x10 Beadlocks in the rear and 18x5 Skinnies in the front. Of course we’ll be running a fresh set of Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s for best track performance with streetability. 




Carbon Fiber

We’re developing an entire Lethal Performance Carbon Fiber line specifically for the S650 Chassis, including hood vent, bumper inserts, grilles, diffusers, mirror covers, and more! As the development process continues, we’ll have more content to share. 






Clutch Kit

Since this is an MT82 Car, we’ve got to swap out the clutch to support all that power from the Whipple Supercharger, especially on the track. We’ll be running an all new version of the Mcleod RXT in the car, due to slight changes in the design that do not allow the use of any previous generation's clutches. This will be perfect for all those hard track launches, as well as making for a nice daily driver. 






MGW Short Throw Shifter

To help find the gears quicker, we’ve reached out with MGW Shifters to get one of the Race Spec Short Shifter assemblies in this car. Luckily, since it is similar enough to the S550 MT82, their shifter installs without any other modifications. 






QA1 Driveshaft 

To help keep the power connected to the rear end, we’ve hooked up with QA1 and will be running their Rev Series Carbon Fiber Driveshaft. Engineered for up to 1500 HP, with a max rated torque of 1000 lb, as well as being backed with an SFI certification, this is plenty suffice for our goals. 







We’ll be running G-Force Outlaw Axles. The Outlaw axles are capable of supporting up to 1500 HP, are engineered with anti-wheel hop technology, and are a direct bolt-in fit and finish, making this a perfect fit for out build. 






We’re excited to be working very closely with Steeda Autosports for the suspension on our S650, as they’ve been an industry leader in suspension technology for the S550 Mustang, regardless whether it’s for road course or drag strip use. Plus, they have already made some impressive passes in their all new 2024 Mustang GT. 






For the engine side of the exhaust system, we’ll be running Kooks 1 ⅞” Long Tube Headers with 3” collectors. For the rest of the exhaust, we’ll be running a Corsa Performance 3” Xtreme Cat-back Active Exhaust. Not only should this system flow much better than the stock system, it’s going to sound absolutely radical! 






Just like our past builds, we’re adding some boost with a Whipple Supercharger! Now unlike any of our other builds, we’ll be using the all new Gen.6 3.0L Head Unit, which has all new, higher efficiency rotors, dual core, dual pass intercooler, oversized heat exchanger, and an all new, higher flowing intercooler pump. With ONE singular 113mm Throttle Body, Larger Injectors, and Fuel Pump Upgrade, Whipple is setting this car up to run about 12LBS of boost and make over 700HP (Stage 2).





Stay tuned for the build progress updates, as well as more parts being added to the list! 


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