Lethal Performance’s 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Build



Well, after quite some wait, we finally took delivery of our Bronco Raptor! Once again, another horse to the stable that ISN’T a Mustang… 





The Beginning!

The First Mods

New Shoes

Tuning & Testing

Offroad Adventures






Of course having such an amazing turnout with our First Edition Bronco, we we’re dying to get our hands on a Bronco Raptor. Luckily, our amazing friend Phillip Weikert at Weikert Ford along with Ford Performance got us hooked up! In Late October 2022, our BRaptor Landed! 





We had an opportunity to bring Krista Pickens, AKA Buckle Up Buttercup, along with us on this new journey, making some awesome content, memories, and of course, getting the Raptor stuck, covered with mud, dirt, and cow sh*t… 







First set of mods lead us over to UPR Products, where we dropped the BRaptor off to help develop Catch Can Systems. They not only developed their Single and Dual Valve Catch Cans, but also made sure the rest of their goodies, such as their Blow-Off Valve Adapter and Bullet Antenna fit and operated correctly on the BRaptor. There's no surprise on these, as they're one of our favorite go-to mods for the Ecoboost platform. The inner kid in us can't get enough of the turbo sounds and thanks to UPR, we can get a ton more whoosh with a simple, cheap, and quick mod, along side extra engine protection and longevity thanks to their catch cans.












Thanks to our friends over at Vossen Wheels, we got the Bronco Raptor sitting right!

We went with their HF6-5's in a 20x10, -18 Offset spec., finished in Satin Black,  wrapped in Nitto Ridge Grapplers 37x13.5x20  

With no rubbing or hitting, these not only fit perfect but give a little more of an aggressive edge on the truck. We love the look and style these promote. Even in the muddiest pit, these prove to be a well performing combo on both the street and offroad. 




With some amazing results on our First Edition Bronco, you know we had to bring the same for our BRaptor. We've tested a few different tuning methods, as well as various performance add-ons, and recorded the results to show! 



Check out the video's here! 





Once again, we used the Bronco Raptor for its true intention... Off Roading!

We took a ride up to Ol' Florida Off Road Park in Tavares, FL and met up with Krista, aka @BuckleUpButtercupTV , to see what these Broncos could (and couldn't) do. Huge thanks to Krista, Jim, Todd and the rest of the Bronco crew we hung out with... until next time! 


Stay tuned for more Bronco Raptor mods! 

We've got some big plans for the future, including some larger turbos, fueling upgrades, and much more.




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