Jo’s Teal S550 GT

Aw, chute.


Just a street car with a parachute on it. Nothing to see here...


Within the family we call #TeamLethal, a select few tend to stand out. Thats why we are taking the time to feature certain customer builds every month! This month we are showing off another customer that sits comfortably in the 8s. JoAnna (goes by Jo) pulls this off with a simple and purpose built S550. 



Name: JoAnna A Iacobelli

Instagram: @that1320chick 

2018 Mustang GT

YouTube: That1320Chick 



The Build:



Stock Gen 3 Coyote Block

Gen 5 3.0L Whipple Supercharger

132mm TB

CJ Intercooler

Frankenstein Ported Heads

Manley Rods

Diamond Pistons

ARP Headstuds

LTH Long tubes -Jones mid-muffler to custom dumps

PNR Ice Tank



Pure Stage 1 10R80

Stock Converter

G-Force Outlaw Halfshafts

QA1 Carbon Driveshaft



Tuned by Lidio at Alternative Auto



Full Steeda Suspension



Lethal Performance Triple Pump Fuel System

FIC 1000cc Injectors



Cervini Cobra R Hood

CDC Outlaw Spoiler

Motion Raceworks Parachute

Fathouse 8.50 Cage


Check out her YouTube page to check out the entire build as well as track events & MORE! Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on not only Joanna's build but also her hubby Bryan's coyote-swapped, Whipple-charged teal SN95 that's in the works...



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The Questionnaire:

Once again, the car does the work, but the pilot commands the win. We wanted to know a bit more of Jo and how she was immersed into the life of cars. Pabs did his job and did some snoopin' 😉



Q: Where did your love for cars come from?

A: “I grew up being in love with cars, my parents own a performance shop. I have been around mustangs for as long as I can remember. As a kid my dad took me to the track with him every opportunity he had. I remember when I was about 8 or 9 was when I started to learn about them. Before social media I would spend hours reading Ford's website to try and learn everything I could. eventually moving on to magazines once I became more comfortable with some of the verbiage.”


Q: When? 

A: “When I was 8 or 9.” 


Q: Tell us a little about the car we have here today.

A: “My 2018 Whipple Supercharged 5.0, I got it brand new almost 3 years ago in August. It has Manley Rods, Diamond Pistons, and head studs; the car went 8.8 @ 158 last year on a 3.375 upper pulley. For this year I put on a ported 3.0 and dropped the pulley size down to a 3.0 upper. We didn't dyno it, just track tuning now that it makes higher power. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably around 1100. I am super excited to finally get a pass under my belt this year. I have been fighting some transmission issues but fingers crossed I think we sorted it out this past weekend. It has a lethal fuel system which has been fantastic. The wheels are Billet Specialties Street lights, and the color is called "Gloss Atomic Teal" by 3M."


Q: What made you get this car?

A: “I saw how fast they were going so effortlessly and I decided it was time to go back to having a mustang. I had a CTSV at the time.” 


Q: Favorite thing about this car?

A: “It's just so fun to drive, from stock to "racecar" it's still so much fun.”  


Q: What gives it character?

A: “It's also so cool to me that it goes 8s with full A/C, remote start, Heated steering wheel, and navigation. So many call it a racecar because of the cage but it will always be a street car to me!”


Q: Favorite mod?

A: “That's a tough one...It's between the Whipple and the Kirkey seat. The Whipple because it makes the car what it is, but the Kirkey is just so cool and I feel official.” 


Q: If you could have any car, what is your realistic dream car?

A: “Hmmm A 6th Gen ZL1 or a GT350, and I love the new Lotus Emira.”


Q: You can only drive one car for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: “A GT350”


Q: If anyone ever told you to leave cars and enter another hobby, what would it be? 

A: “I would love to get back into photography. I did it for years during high school as a side hobby.”


Q: Do you remember the first car that ever got your attention?

A: “My dad's Kenne Bell Supercharger White 2004 Mach 1, I loved that car more than any car ever before. I begged him not to sell it and cried when he did. I miss that car all the time. I loved the new edge style, it's always been my absolute favorite and the Mach ones from that generation are just perfect, I hope to buy it back all the time.” 


Q: List of your past cars. Which one is your favorite?

A:  2007 GT Mustang

2009 CTSV

2003 Mach 1

2009 G8 GT

S550 Mustang 2018 (current)

Honestly, I'd buy another G8, I really loved that car. But my 2018 is my favorite of all of them.  


Q: Favorite lunch?

A: “Leftover stuffed peppers”


Q: Favorite dinner?

A: “Any variation of pasta with any sauce”


Q: Favorite color?

A: “Teal of course!”


You know what’s more satisfying than a fully built car posting impressive numbers? An undemanding build effortlessly making numbers worth boasting about. 8.8 @ 158mph on a large pulley is no joke. Let alone running this on a STOCK CONVERTER. This year she is ported and dropped down to a 3.0 pulley. She estimates the car making somewhere in the 1100hp range. Low 8s here we come!




Once again another Coyote with a Whipple making great power with minimal effort. See the pattern here? Less is more. But more is WAY more. If you like what you see in this build, you can click each individual part and that will link you to the website. Or if you have any questions about the build itself, you can call in and we would be glad to help you out. YOU could be next to have a chance to have your build shown off by Lethal Performance! Send Pabs an email or DM us on Instagram!



Until the next one,