Lethal Loyalty Points


What are they?  How do I get them?  How do I use them?  Why are they awesome? And what's Loyalty Pricing?


About the Points:

Lethal Performance is proud to introduce our Lethal Loyalty Points rewards program! This program allows our customers (that's you!) to earn Lethal Loyalty Points on every order and spend them on any products they choose!  To earn them, you must be signed into your account during checkout.  To spend the points, add items to your shopping cart and click on the "Shopping Cart" link.  On that page (again, you must be logged in) you'll see the "Points Slider" that you canadjust accordingly and checkout.


BONUS: Lethal Loyalty Pricing

The points are not the only perk, though! By creating an account (which is free!) or logging into your existing account here at Lethal Performance you also get access to our Lethal Loyalty Pricing Program!  If a brand is included in our Loyalty Pricing Program, you can create an account (or log in to your existing account) and access our exclusive Loyalty pricing on those products. (Oh, and, during big sales like Black Friday sometimes those discounts get even bigger!)



Corsa Performance


FIC Injectors

MBRP Exhaust

Paxton Superchargers

Procharger Superchargers

Vortech Superchargers


Be sure to CREATE an account or LOG IN to your account to access the pricing!



The Long Version about those points:


Earning Lethal Loyalty Points (LLP)

Every qualifying* purchase made from LethalPerformance.com will earn the customer Lethal Loyalty Points, for each $1 spent on all such orders, you will earn 1 Lethal Loyalty Point (LLP).  There can, and will, be certain times, at our sole discretion, when some products may either earn more, or less, points than at other times.  Any and all modifications of how/when points are earned are subject to change at the sole discretion of Lethal Performance, Inc.  If an order is cancelled or returned for any reason, the points earned will be transferred out of your account at that time.
*A qualifying order is any order which does not use Lethal Loyalty Points as payment.  On such orders, no points will be earned.

Spending Lethal Loyalty Points

During checkout, you can choose to use as few, or as many, Lethal Loyalty Points as you'd like.  LLPs can not be used towards tax (in applicable states) or shipping costs, however, orders will be taxed (in applicable states) on the discounted total, not the complete order total.  So basically, if you pay for your complete order with LLPs...there won't be any tax anyway!  There can, and will, be certain times, at our sole discretion, when some products may be either ineligible for redemption, or not available.  For example, if points are used to purchase a product that is on backorder, your order may be, at our discretion, be cancelled until such a time when that product is again eligible for redemption.  During such a case, the points used on that purchase will be returned to you to use on another order.  Any and all modifications of how/when points are earned are subject to change at the sole discretion of Lethal Performance, Inc.

Program eligibility

The Lethal Loyalty Program is only available to our retail customers.  Dealers and wholesalers are not currently eligible to earn LLPs.

Points expiration

Unused LLPs will expire on the 120th day after the day the points become available to you in your account.  There will be no compensation for expired points, neither do points, expired or not, have any sort of monetary value.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

We may modify, restrict or change this program at any time, changes may include, but are not limited to, changing the number of points you earn for a particular type of activity or the number of points you need to redeem a particular product, or omitting or adding reward levels or categories, or imposing, increasing or eliminating points caps, or changing the conditions under which points expire or are forfeited. These changes may occur without prior written notice to you. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the program, or your participation in the program, at any time without compensation to you.

Point Expiration/Forfeiture

All points will expire at the end of the 120th day after the day on which they were posted to your account. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate your account for any reason (but we wouldn't do this without a good one). If your account is terminated, all of your unused points will be forfeited. You will not be provided with notice of expiration or forfeiture of points. You are not entitled to compensation from us or from any other entity when your points expire or if they are forfeited for any reason.

Points are redeemed on a "first in, first out" basis, as such, the first points earned will be the first points redeemed over the life of your account. Once a redemption order is placed, your account will be reduced by the number of points used. If your order is subsequently cancelled or otherwise becomes unavailable after the order is placed, your points will be reinstated to your account and you will be notified of the cancelled order. In the event of a return, chargeback, credit or other adjustment that results in insufficient points for the order, that order will not be fulfilled. If the order is fulfilled and we later discover that you did not have sufficient points for that order in your account, in addition to any other action we may take, you may forfeit future LLP earnings or future points may be applied to that order until such time as sufficient points are accrued to cover the redemption of the order.

Account Activity

You can view your account activity at any time online at www.lethalperformance.com, and logging into your account.  There is a section called "My Points and Rewards", which will show the number of points you have in your account and also displays a summary of how/when any points were redeemed and/or acquired.

Disclaimers and Limitations

We are not responsible for any disputes between or involving authorized users relating to points, redemption of points, or use of points. Orders may be fulfilled by a variety of merchants and/or manufacturers. We and our service providers are not responsible to you for the quality or performance of the points or the products or merchandise purchased or obtained with the points. You may be subject to additional terms and conditions, warranties or other requirements of the merchant or manufacturer. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEE, WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE POINTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We are not liable for any injury, damage or loss to person or property or any expense, accident or inconvenience that may arise from the use of the points, or the use of the points or products or merchandise purchased or obtained with the points, or otherwise in connection with the program.  You hereby release and hold us and all parties associated with the program harmless from any claim, liability or damage relating to the program or your use of the points. Any points offered under this program are void where prohibited by law. Notwithstanding anything in these terms and conditions to the contrary, we and any of their service providers shall have no liability to you in connection with the program.