2015 Mustang Axles from Drive Shaft Shop

We've got some exciting news to share, Lethal Performance has Drive Shaft Shop axles and driveshafts ready to ship for the 2015 Mustang GT and V6!  Stay tuned as we'll be exploring the limits of the stock components shortly.

If you want more details about pricing and fitment, check out our website for 2015 Mustang GT driveshafts and axles.

From DSS: "Its been a long time since we have seen the Mustang with a IRS under it, gone are the Days when they used a Thunderbird 6cly IRS and put them under 400Hp Cobras. The 2015 Mustang seems to have a decent diff under it, Rumor has it the diff is a "Super 8.8" (not sure what that means but we like the sound of it) and one of the best improvements i have seen is the introduction to a rolled formed wheel bearing, as most know the 03-04 Cobra had he same wheel bearing and spline size as the 6cly Thunderbird and after putting any HP into them the spline and bearing would break, We used the custom hubs to stop the spline breakage but still the wheel bearing was an issue. Well say good buy to both issues, The new Mustang has a full 32 spline going into the hub (and a beefy 34 spline in the diff up from the 31 spline of yesteryear)

So what did DSS do to make this set of axles the best options ? 1st we started with both the inner and outer splines going into the Hub and the Diff, We have been working with Ovaco steel our of Sweden and they came up with a material called Ovaco 300 that has been used by DSS in each and every IRS/CV driven world record breaking car to date (includes Mark Carlyle s amazing Vette running 6:82 with a 1.1 60ft time,many other cars in the 7's,8's and 9' also) so each spline is now this amazing 300m material (on both the 800hp and the 1400hp) we then made 4340 billet CV mounts and are using our proven 108mm CV with full 300m Billet Chromoly cage and race (1400hp axles using the larger 30 spline bars) this along with Neo HPCC1 grease and with a higher durometer Neoprene boot it will handle just about anything you can put to it, We dident stop there the center bars we made are done with Rolled splines, most "in the know" will tell you that a rolled spline is stronger than one that was done with material cut away (its actually forging the spline and compressing the micro structure to make it even stronger) So what we have here is a proven design, well maybe not enough so we also have taken the time to put caps on the ends of the axles in-case they are ever taken apart (you guys pulling the diff will love this after its done as the 6 bolts come off and the diff will come out, try this with a stock axle) and the Caps have blue RTV inside to ensure a perfect seal so no issues with that, so here you have the best axles on the market for one of the coolest cars to come out of Detroit in a while, in stock and ready to ship.....

just a quick note, at this time 11/4/2014 we do not know the limits of the stock axles or the diff, the axles actually seem to be a decent material and axle but only time will tell and lets face it, you guys will not be happy with 400 or 600hp so we have prepared these axles (and Drive shafts) ahead of time to be ready when you are.


Part Number: RA8205X4 and RA8505X4

We made enought on the 1st run for 100 sets, the Driveshafts and Axles can be ordered at any time. 

FDSH25-A------------------------------ 2015+ Mustang GT V8 6 speed manual 3.5" aluminum shaft--------------- 899.99 

FDSH25-C -------------------2015+ Mustang GT V8 6 speed manual 3.25 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft-------------- 1399.99 

FDSH26-A----------------2015+ Mustang GT V8 Automatic  3.5" aluminum shaft---------------------------------- 799.99

FDSH26-C------------------ 2015+ Mustang GT V8 Automatic  3.25" Carbon Fiber shaft------------------------- 1249.99"