Driveshaft Shop X6 2000hp axles: New Design for 2019


When our 2018 Mustang GT was stock, we managed to snap the driver's side axle on drag radials out at the track during the 1-2 shift. We knew we would need to upgrade the axles at some point but didn't expect it to be that early in the build.

Here's the video:

We knew we were in good hands, though, and gave Frank and the guys at The Driveshaft Shop a call. They quickly got us a set of their 2000hp axles which we installed and have built, driven & raced the car DEEP into the 9s (9.3 is deep, right?). The axles have held up with no issues while the car launches on slicks with a full BMR Suspension setup. 


Technology advances, however, and The Driveshaft Shop is always staying on top of their game making improvements in both durability and strength of their products. These 2000hp axles are latest to be updated and we're here to let you know what those revisions are.

Check out the video here, where Jared goes over the differences:



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The new 2019 version X6 2000hp axles are designed as the name implies to handle 2000+hp. Let's face it, if you're making more than that you're probably not running the factory IRS setup...amiright?


These axles feature both an inner and outer CV, which are a new 2-piece design made from proprietary materials that promise to be stronger and longer lasting than any previous design. The internals are precision ground and matched for superior fitment, engagement & performance. The CVs also feature a larger, thicker cage (versus the "standard" 108mm CV cage that Driveshaft Shop and others used previously). The outer CVs are a "fixed" design (non-plunging) meaning they have NO movement, which gives added strength. The inner CVs are a single-housing plunging design, however, which are much more forgiving and dependable on those vehicles which have different ride heights and camber adjustments. 


Another big thing you will notice on the new design is the lack of bolts holding together the inner CV. The bolted design was limited in movement, usually only giving about 25mm of play. While some also liked the ability to be able to unbolt the joints, DSS found that they only lead to issues of bolts coming loose and backing out so the decision was made to design an all-new single, no-bolt setup for both the inner and outer CVs. 


We're not done! Another thing to notice on these axles are the splines. While most companies will cut out the splines, removing material from the part to create the teeth, Driveshaft Shop is actually now rolling their splines. This is essentially forging the tooth of the spline by forcing it into the diameter between rolling racks. Instead of removing material they are compressing the structure, in turn making it the strongest spline available. (Want to read more about this process? Google "rolled splines vs. cut splines")


Now that you've learned about these badass new axles from The Driveshaft Shop, check them out on the site and get yourself a set. We've got them on the shelf. Click here!