Lethal Performance 2003 Cobra Build | The Cobro Series: Coyote swapped!


Cobro Series | Turning a snake into a Coyote 

Long, long ago in a land not too far from here (Boca… that land is Boca) a majestic beast was acquired by our very own Mustang King, Jared Rosen. 


This beast was his 2003 SVT Cobra

"I ordered my car after my '99 Camaro SS was stolen back in 2002. I had never owned a Mustang before but knew that the '03 Cobra was soon to be released. It seemed to be the baddest thing to come from Ford," Lethal Performance's Jared Rosen explained. "Since I always wanted a Cobra I pre-ordered one. My car was delivered to me on July 1, 2002, and it was one of the first '03 Cobras to arrive in the South Florida area.”


You can read the whole history of the car here.


COUGS’ NOTES: Bought car. Built car. Promised car to son, Luca. Parked car…until now.


So now, fast forward to 2021 and the Cobra is finally being resurrected in a series we like to call The Cobro Series (P.S. It took my spell check 4 times to not fix that word…)


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OK, back to the story…


A couple times a year, Jared would walk past the Cobra collecting a thick layer of dust (and dicks) in the warehouse and say “You know what? It’s time to bring it back.” And every time, we’d say “Yeah, alright, sure…” and we’d watch it sit in the corner, or move it around on dollies. 



That was, until, one night at the track after running one of the Lethal cars, Jared was talking with Willy Lujan of Lujan Motorsports and a few other guys and the Cobra came up. He decided then & there that the car would get a Coyote 5.0L swap with a 10R80 10-speed transmission and have it all topped off with a new Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger. They also decided that Lujan Motorsports would be the ones doing the work. Having done quite a few Coyote swap projects in the past (and a slew of 7- and 8-second fox bodies), they had some great experience & knowledge under their belt.


Right now the car is equipped with a built 4.6L long block topped off with a Whipple 4.0L supercharger setup and the factory T56 6-speed transmission. It has been solid-axle swapped as well and is rocking some black Saleen replica wheels to top off the custom Grabber Blue paint job.


Don’t fret too much, Cobra guys,  that drivetrain is being set aside for a future “Fox-y” project…


Episode 1 | The history of the car & the plan for the project


In Episode 1 of the Cobro Series you’ll get to hear from Jared & his son Luca about the history of the car & what they plan to do with it. It’s got flashbacks of Luca growing up and leads to your first views of the ol’ dusty 800rwhp 03 Cobra in it’s resting place at the Lethal Performance warehouse. You also get a first glimpse of some of the parts going into the car. Check it out:



We know the Cobra purists are losing their mind. We get it but we also are free spirited and tend to go against the grain (I mean… have you met Jared? LOL). We hope you’ll still follow along (even if it means leaving mean comments, but please don’t lol). But seriously, go to the YouTube vid and leave a comment. Let us know what you think. And if there’s a specific part of the build you want covered, let us know that, too! 


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Episode 2 | A visit to Power By The Hour Performance


In the next episode (we see you, Dr. Dre) we pay a visit to our good buddy Jake who owns Power By The Hour Performance.


Jared & Luca want to make some big power with the new setup (which shouldn’t be hard considering the MASSIVE 3.8L Whipple Supercharger going into it), so they want to make sure that the drivetrain can support it all. 


Jared took the 10r80 10-speed transmission from Ford Performance over to Power By The Hour Performance to have Jake, the auto transmission specialist, install the McLeod 99098 2018+ 10r80 Steel & Friction Kit into it, so that it could handle what it is about to have thrown at it.



Pictured: MCL-99098 Mcleod Racing 10R80 Transmission Friction Plate and Steel Kit

Want to check out the McLeod 10r80 Kit for yourself? CLICK HERE

Power By The Hour Performance have been close friends with us since Jake opened up in Boynton Beach, FL. They did the installs on pretty much every Lethal project car we’ve owned, from our 2010 Shelby GT500 to you 2018 Mustang GT, Project Goldmember. In the last few years they have moved to a new, larger location in West Palm Beach, FL and have transformed from an installation & dyno facility to a complete Coyote Swap parts one-stop-shop.



They specialize in putting that beloved 5.0L into everything from classic muscle cars to Broncos to SN95 Mustangs. They sell, machine & produce just about every bracket, fitting and adapter you will need to swap a Coyote into your project. They stock engines, transmissions, gauge clusters & more. We are proud to offer their full line of Coyote parts here at Lethal Performance.  We are using a bunch of their parts in the Cobro Coyote Swap, as well. Click here to check out the full parts list. 


CLICK HERE to check out the lineup of parts available from Power By The Hour Performance.


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Episode 3 | Loading up all the parts & heading to Lujan Motorsports


Ah, the time has come to take the Cobra down to Lujan Motorsports in Miami, FL!


In the 3rd episode of the Cobro Series, we load up Jared’s 03 Cobra onto the trailer & fill the F250’s bed with the motor, transmission, suspension & more. Jared goes over all the parts going into the build and heads to Miami, FL to drop the car off will Willy at Lujan Motorosports.



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Episode 4 | The Process: MORE parts & dropping the motor


In this episode Jared checks in at Lujan Motorsports where Willy is dropping the 4V 4.6L and T56 transmission out of the 03 Cobra... I mean Cobro. We talk about some of the parts that were missing before (including the 3.8L Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger, the Baer brakes and the Circle D converter). We also find out about that trick table that he sets the motor on...





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Here’s a running list of parts going into the 2003 SVT Cobra for our Lethal Performance Cobro Series. Click the part to check it out on our site.


Power (Engine, Supercharger, Fuel, Exhaust, etc.)


Ford Performance Gen 3 Coyote 5.0L Longblock with 10R80 10 Speed and Ford Performance Control Pack (M-9000-PMCA3A)

Energy Suspension Motor Mounts (ENS-4.1127G)

3.8L Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger Kit for 2018+ Coyote 5.0L (WHP-WK-2625S-38)

Whipple Superchargers 10 Rib Pulley Kit with 20% OD balancer (WHP-WB-COY10-18)

DivisionX triple pump fuel system with DivisionX Box 3 pump controller (LP-FS-SN95-3P)

Injector Dynamics ID1300X injectors (ID-1300X)

Boundary Oil Pump gears and Crank Sprocket (BDR-1518COMBO)

Ultimate Headers Coyote Swap 1-7/8"x3" Longtubes (Call to inquire)

Magnaflow Magnapack Catback for Solid Rear Axle (99-04 Mustang GT) (MAG-15673)

Power By The Hour Performance Brackets & Accessories:

     Gen 5 Whipple Supercharged Speed Drive for 5.0L Coyote (PBH-PBH-1521R6)

     Coyote Swap Gas Pedal Adapter for 1979-2004 Mustang (PBH-ACC-1075)

     6R80/10R80 Transmission Cooler Adapter Fittings (PBH-620)

     Transmission Cooler Kit (PBH-PBH-621)
     Continuous Duty Solenoid for High Amp Draw Cooling Fans (PBH-ACC-1042)
     Coyote Water Neck Bleeder Screw Kit (PBH-647)

     Dakota Digital VHX gauges



Transmission & Drivetrain


Ford Performance Gen 3 Coyote 5.0L Longblock with 10R80 10 Speed and Ford Performance Control Pack (M-9000-PMCA3A)

Stifflers Transmission Crossmember Kit for 6R80 / 10R80 / MT82 Swap (STF-TCB-6R80)

Mcleod Racing 10R80 Transmission Friction Plate and Steel Kit (MCL-99098)

Circle D 2018+ Mustang GT 10R80 245mm / 258mm Torque Converter (CID-46-07-04-FI)





UPR Products 96-04 Mustang Tubular Chrome Moly K Member (UPR-2005-96)

UPR Products 79-04 Ford Mustang Steering Rack Bolt Kit (UPR-2025-06) 

UPR Products 79-04 Mustang Heavy Duty K-member & A-Arm Hardware Kit (UPR-2025-07) 

UPR Products 96-04 Mustang Chrome Moly Front Tubular Control Arms with Sway Bar Mount (UPR-2004-06)

UPR Products 96-04 "The Shark" T-7075 Caster Camber Plates  (UPR-2014-94)

UPR Products 79-04 Mustang 3/8" K-Member Spacer Kit (UPR-2025-10)

UPR Products 94-04 Mustang Extreme Series Bumpsteer Kit (UPR-2009-94-EXT)

UPR Products 2012-01 79-04 Ford Mustang Polyurethane Offset Rack Bushings (UPR-2012-01)

UPR Products 3013-15 79-04 Mustang 3/8" Billet Motor Mount Shim Plates (UPR-3013-15)

UPR Products 8.8" Rear End Braces - Aircraft Aluminum, non-IRS (UPR-2024-01)

UPR Products 79-04 Mustang Pro-Series Chrome-Moly Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms w/ Poly bushings (UPR-2001-02)

UPR Products Mustang Extreme Duty 3/4 Right Hand Rod End (UPR-2025-25) (x2)

UPR Products 79-14 Mustang Street Anti Roll Bar Delrin Bushing Upgrade (UPR-2026-42)

UPR Products 99-04 Mustang Chrome Moly Adjustable Lower Control Arms (UPR-2002-02-99)

UPR Products Pro Street Anti Roll Bar Kit (UPR-2000-07)

UPR Products 79-04 Mustang Billet 8.8" Spherical Bushings (UPR-2003-8.8)

UPR Products 99-04 Ford Mustang Grade 8 Rear Bolt Kit (UPR-2025-02)

Viking Performance Coilover kit for front and rear

     FrontVi-King Performance Strut Crusader Double Adjustable Coil Over Stud/Mount (VIK-J303AK)

     Rear: Viking Performance 79-04 Mustang Rear Coilover Kit with Crusader Double Adjustable Shocks w/ 175lb Springs (VIK-VRM309AM-175K)



Wheels & Brakes


Baer 6P Pro+ Brakes with custom painted calipers

     Front: Baer Mustang 14" Front Pro+ Brake System (BAE-4261210) 

     Rear: Baer 13" Pro+ Rear Brake Kit w/Park Brake (BAE-4262298)

CCW Classics in 18x9.5 and 18x11

     Matte Black center with Gloss Black Lip

     Black Hardware & Black Lugnuts

     Custom Order - Call us to inquire




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