Build a 10-second Ford F150

So, you want to build a 10-second Ford F150? Well, you've come to the right place.


We’re here to fill you in on what parts you need to turn your truck into a quarter-mile monster (and we know from experience!). This is our Lethal Performance recipe to run 10s in your 2021 F150.



DIY: 10-second Ford F150


Before we get going, let's be honest: building a 10-second F150 is not going to be easy. There will be swearing, there will be tears, and there will probably be a few thrown tools. But if you stick with it, we promise you'll be rewarded in the end. We definitely were when we set a record in our full size F150...



What are we waiting for? Let's get started!


Here’s the basic ingredients (aka performance parts) needed for your 10-second F150 build:

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Catch Can

Torque Converter







To kick off the 10-second F150 build we upset the neighbors with a set of longtube headers and a nice, flowing catback exhaust. If you’re gonna say something, say it loud, right?


F150 Exhaust: Longtubes & Catback


Longtube headers help your F150 perform better by reducing exhaust backpressure. Backpressure is the resistance that exhaust gases have as they flow through the exhaust system. The more backpressure, the less efficiently the engine can breathe, which can lead to a loss of power. A set of longtube headers will reduce the amount of time it takes for the exhaust gases to exit the engine, which allows the engine to breathe more freely and make more power… and who doesn’t want MORE POWER?!


A catback exhaust system will serve a similar purpose to the headers in that it opens up the path for exhaust gases to “exit the building” quicker. What’s the point of opening up the headers if you’re just going to restrict them at the exit point, right? On top of that, the catback you choose can further define the sound of your F150, whether you want it more aggressive or “HOA-friendly”.


Here’s some awesome exhaust options to check out for your F150 5.0L:






F150s are not exactly built for running at the track straight from Ford. They are trucks, built for truck things, not race car things. However, thanks to Gearheads hungry to make everything fast, there are performance part options for just about piece of the F150, including suspension.


Suspension may not add horsepower BUT it will help you put all that horsepower you do add to the ground, which is important. Plus, if you get a lowering kit, the truck just looks a whole lot better (and meaner).


We chose to use the VA Specialties 3/5 Lowering Kit on our 2021 Ford F150 paired with a full set of ViKing coilovers and shocks. With this setup on the truck we got our 60’ down to 1.595 in a full size 4-door F150. And the truck looks awesome, to boot.


F150 VA Specialties Lowering Kit: Before & After


Ready to drop your own F150 like it’s hot? Check out these suspension options:






Really, this should probably the first thing you do to your new F150. A catch can setup keeps your intake system (intake, throttle body, etc) CLEAN from buildup.


When fuel is burned in the engine, it produces gases, most of which are expelled through the vehicle’s exhaust but can also push past the piston and into the crankcase (this is called ‘blow by’). When this happens, it mixes with the oil held in the crankcase producing unwanted ‘sludge’ and also venting up into the intake system through the PCV valve. This brings crankcase fumes, oil, unburned fuel, distillates & more up into your intake system, manifold, valves, intercooler, etc.


Oil in your intake system? Nope, don't want that.


A catch can gets it’s name because it CATCHES those unwanted contaminates and holds onto them, keeping them from going further into your intake tract.


While a catch can doesn’t necessarily ADD horsepower, by cleaning up the gunk it is essentially freeing up horsepower. Your truck will run more efficiently and make the power that much better.


Check out these awesome catch can options for your F150:






Your truck’s torque converter is similar to the clutch in a manual transmission. A torque converter uses internal turbines and fluid to transmit your F150’s power to the transmission, preventing stalling and allowing the transmission to change gears.


A look inside of a torque converter


The biggest advantage to an aftermarket torque converter is a higher stall RPM, so you will be at a higher RPM when you launch the truck.  Like the catch can it does not technically add engine horsepower, but it lets you use what you have more effectively.  Most aftermarket converters, like the ones from Circle D Specialties, are also lighter than stock and have a smaller diameter, so the less rotational mass is a secondary benefit.


Check out these torque converters for your F150:






For quite some time, the PCM on the 2021+ F150 was locked down and only tunable by a select few (including Whipple Superchargers, whose tune we used on our own 10-second 2021 F150 build). However, with time, the gurus of HPTuners and SCT Performance have unlocked the code and you can now get custom tuning here at The Tune Shop for your 2021+ F150.


Lethal Performance's 2021 Ford F150


Lund Racing, Shoemaker Performance, Palm Beach Dyno, Oz Tuning & more can fine tune your F150 to run it’s best with the newly added performance mods. A custom tune is an integral part of any build and will help your performance modifications to work in harmony and get you across the finish line faster.


Click here to learn more about The Tune Shop.


Check out some tuning options for your F150:






Some will say we saved the best for last (and we’d probably agree). The final ingredient in our list for your 10-second F150 is BOOST.


There are many options for boost, from turbochargers to superchargers, and most will get you to your goal. We chose the Whipple Supercharger 3.0L supercharger kit and we’ve never looked back.


Whipple Supercharger Rotors


Whipple superchargers, and superchargers in general, are a type of belt-driven forced induction system using a set of rotors or impellers that compress air to increase its density before delivering it to the engine. By doing so & allowing more air into the combustion chamber, the engine can burn more fuel, generating more horsepower and more torque.


Check out these supercharger options to finish off your 10-second F150 build:





Now that you have the recipe for your own 10-second F150 build, go out there and get some! 


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