Set It To Turbo! Why You Need a Mustang GT Turbocharger Kit

Set It To Turbo! Why You Need a Mustang GT Turbocharger Kit

Have you ever been cruising on the open road at top speed when suddenly another car leaves you in the dust? It's a humbling feeling, one that we at Lethal Performance hate to see. More than likely, the car that passed you up was outfitted with a top-of-the-line turbocharger, giving them an incredible boost over all the competition on the road. In even the best Mustangs, the atmospheric pressure used to boost engines simply can't compete with a finely tuned turbocharger. As a Mustang owner, you can experience the real power your vehicle can create by adding a Mustang GT Turbocharger kit under your hood. In this article, we'll go over the many benefits you'll get after installing a Ford Mustang Turbocharger kit.

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What is a Turbocharger?

As mentioned above, your Mustang GT comes with a stock engine that allows for a good amount of atmospheric pressure to provide the power that keeps you cruising at high speeds. A turbocharger utilizes what is known as forced induction to increase your horsepower and engine efficiency to get you flying down the road at top speeds. Forced induction within a turbocharger works by allowing more air to be directly compressed into the combustion chamber in each cylinder. By receiving more air and more fuel, a turbocharger can create a more efficient explosion in each combustion chamber – which in turn gives your engine the capability to output more horsepower and torque. A finely tuned Mustang turbocharger kit can reach speeds up to 150,000 RPM. In short, it just makes your engine better.

Mustang GT turbocharger kits come standard with many components to make up the system. In every turbocharger, you'll find two sides – one side includes a turbine where exhaust gases spin an impeller, and another side brings in cold air. These two sides are connected by a shaft that spins the impeller to compress the air and force it through the intercooler to make its way to the engine. Because of the extreme amount of air and pressure a turbocharger can give off, most require a wastegate on the exhaust side to regulate the pressure being exerted to the desired PSI. A blow-off valve is also used in turbochargers to relieve the pressure, and it will be actuated once you put your foot to the throttle. These two components are essential to give you the power you need without accidentally blowing the engine to hell.

How is a Turbocharger Different from a Supercharger?

Both turbochargers and superchargers utilize the process of forced induction, but what's the difference between them? There is just one small key element that separates a turbocharger from a supercharger – technically speaking, a turbocharger is just another form of a supercharger, but this one crucial difference changes everything about these two pieces of machinery and dramatically alters what they can do for your engine.

A supercharger is an air compressor that is actuated and driven by the crankshaft of an engine. Superchargers are generally connected by a serpentine belt to force the compressed air into the engine – this means it runs off engine power. Turbochargers are actuated and driven by the exhaust gas turbine rather than the engine's crankshaft – this means a turbocharger runs off waste energy already created by the engine. That's really the only technical engineering difference between these two air compressors. It may not seem like much, but a turbocharged Mustang GT has higher efficiency, better fuel economy and a longer lifespan than a Mustang GT outfitted with a supercharger.

There is one benefit to note about superchargers – there's no turbo lag, a downside to turbochargers. Because your turbocharger will run by the exhaust gases coming from the engine, switching gears causes a lag in producing the necessary flow of gasses. Mustang GT turbocharger kits work best at mid-range RPMs.

What Types of Mustang Turbochargers Can I Find?

The fact of the matter is: you'll have a wide range of Mustang GT turbocharger kits to choose from when you're looking to increase your power on the road. Each type is slightly different than the last, so you'll be able to decide how you want your Mustang GT to be turbocharged.

  • Single Turbochargers: Single turbochargers are the most traditional type of turbochargers. They can range in size depending on what it is you're looking for. Larger single turbochargers are more effective for top-end power, while the smaller sized ones have a faster spool-up time for low-end power. These may be the most cost-effective option if you're looking for a Ford Mustang turbocharger kit.
  • Twin Turbochargers: A twin style turbocharger is essentially just a two turbocharger setup. These work best for vehicles with a V6 or V8 engine where you can use a single turbo in each cylinder bank. You can also choose to have a small one and a large one together to give you a wider RPM range with more power. Because there are more components in the twin setup, these tend to be a more expensive option.
  • Twin-Scroll Turbochargers: These turbochargers are perfect for those who want to reduce turbo lag. The twin scrolls make it possible to separate the exhaust pulses that enter the turbo, so they don't overlap and interfere with one another. These are the most efficient option for choosing a turbocharger as they provide purer and denser air into the cylinders.
  • Electric Turbochargers: By far one of the more expensive and complicated options, electric turbochargers use an electric motor to spin the compressor until the exhaust is high enough to take over. This virtually eliminates the problem of turbo lag you'll experience with other turbocharger kits and can give you a wide range of RPMs with a very high-level torque.

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