Chris Brooks, 2015 Focus RS

Performance Sales Rep

What do you do at Lethal? 
Sales, Social Media Manager and Custodial Superintendent 

How long have you worked at Lethal?
Just over 3 years now

What's your favorite memory that's happened at Lethal?
There are so many good memories here with everyone, but I would have to say the day I became a father to my happy ant farm family!

What cars have you owned/currently own?
My very first vehicle was a 2000 Ford Ranger. About a two years after that I had upgraded to a Ford Focus ST and ended up going big turbo shortly down the road. Now I own a 2016 Ford Focus RS with a “Built Motor”. 

What is your ultimate dream car?
AMS Powered GTR 

What got you into cars?
My dad was who first got me hooked on cars. He is always tinting high end cars and growing up I always had to sit in every single car that he worked on. When I got a little older and my funds got bigger, I ended up buying a Focus ST and I was immediately hooked to just go faster!

Do you collect anything?
Stock car parts and quarters. 

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to hangout with Family and Friends. Go to the beach and skimboard and play a little Xbox One.

What artist do you (or would you) plug into Pandora?
I like to listen to a little bit of everything, from Sublime to Three 6 Mafia.