Chad Mickel, 89 Camaro

Warehouse Manager

What do you do at Lethal?
Warehouse manager. I'm the one that ships everything that comes from our warehouse and updates what we have in stock. I work on our shop cars from time to time when they let me. I am also the one that tries to keep this place clean from Jared and Jonas' messes.

How long have you worked at Lethal? 
6 years

What's your favorite memory that's happened at Lethal? 
Taking the GT350 to the road course and taking it around the track. 

What is your favorite Lethal project car? 
Don't have one. But what I will say is that the 2013 GT500 was a bad ass car.

What cars have you owned/currently own? 
Started with a 1989 Camaro. Then I got a 2007 Cobalt SS S/C. After that was a GSXR 600 (which my mom hated). Now currently I'm driving a 1989 Camaro. I just missed that car so much that I found one in ok condition and in the process of fixing it up. 

What is your ultimate dream car? 
This is a hard one for a car guy, as we have so many on our list. So I will name 2 of them. First would be a 1970 Superbird. Its just one of those iconic cars that most everyone knows. The second would have to be a 1968-1972 Chevelle. They are just beautiful and is a true muscle car.

What got you into cars? 
I started out with mechanics first. My grandpa worked on airplanes in the air force, then went to Pratt Whitney and worked on the SR71 and F-16 engines. He was always good at fixing things and I always admired that. Then as I was growing up I always wanted to go fast. What better way to go fast then with cars?  So I started learning about fixing cars from my uncle, a mechanic, and have been learning ever since.

Do you collect anything? 
Nothing anymore although I still have pogs, beanie baby's and nes systems that I collected in the past.

What do you do in your spare time? 
Spend time with my family and play video games. I also work on cars on the side.

What artist do you (or would you) plug into Pandora?
All time favorite would be Linkin park. Their songs when I was growing up were just so different and better then anyone else's at the time.