Rigid Industries for the 2021 Ford Bronco - Overview and Install

The Lethal First Edtion Bronco finally has gotten lit! 




We’ve just installed the Rigid Industries Roof Line SR Series Light Bar kit as well as their side 360 A-Pillar kit on our First Edition Bronco and we’re stoked to play around with these lights at night. Even in the day, they are extremely bright and overall and at night should provide more than enough coverage. 



Check out the overview and install video below! 





To start, lets take a look at the kits…


This kit includes Rigid’s tried and true SR Series, 40 inch light bar, 2 custom fit mounts, along with isolation bases, specifically made for the 2021+ Bronco’s Accessory mounts, all the necessary hardware you need for install, a wiring harness, and some nifty light covers when not in use. 


With the wiring harness and custom made mounts, this makes install as simple as possible, taking the thinking out of the process usually needed to mount and install a light bar on a vehicle. 


Starting with a Stainless Steel construction and topped with a UV and Abrasion-Resistant Powder coating, this kit is made to outlast any condition, with operation ability ranging in temperatures from the freezing cold (-40 Deg F) to extreme heat (+145 Deg F). 









This kit includes a set of both 360 Spot and 360 Drive Lights, along with 4 - Solid Black Light covers and 4 - Yellow Covers, a wiring harness, and of course their custom brackets to attach perfectly to the OEM Accessory Mounts on the Bronco. 


Once again, with the supplied wiring and mounts, along with pre-installed mounts and wiring from the factory, this install makes for quick and easy work! 


Similar to the Roof Line kit, everything here is a Stainless Steel construction with a Black, UV and Abrasion Resistant powder-coating, this kit is made tough and made to last, with an estimated light lifespan of more than 50,000 Hrs.









And now, onto to the Installation! 



First, we decided to tackle the A-Pillar Kit. To start, Rigid instructs us to assemble the 360 Lights to the universal mounts they supply within. Once together, install those assemblies on the Bronco-Specific mounts. 


Once these lights are now full assemblies with the vehicle-specific brackets, you are ready to mount on the vehicle, BUT BEFORE THAT, we decided to run our wiring. 


Since the Bronco is equipped from the factory with an Auxiliary switches in the interior, along with fused and relayed wiring through the firewall of the truck, we do not have to use the entire Rigid harness. 


With that being said, we will only be using the beginning portion of the harness to connect one side of light with the other, and then about a foot or so of harness going into the engine bay so we can hook it up to the exposed wire for the Aux Panel switches. 


We decided to run the harness under the windshield washer cowling, as it was the closest to the lights as it seemed to be the most hidden and overall safest path. This cowling should pop off with a simple, but supported lifting. You will hear the clips starting to *POP* and the cowling will lift off from the truck. 



(1-2 feet AFTER the two sides of the harness from each light "Y" together) 



After running our harness and wiring in the lights using the supplied butt connectors, we ran the harness into the engine bay through a small hole under the cowling. 


Once we got in the bay, you can start locating the wires you wish to use, depending on which Aux. switch you’d like to use in the interior. Please see the provided information from the Owners Manual below. 




There are various ways you wire multiple different lights through the truck thanks to Ford running sets of wire in popular locations around the truck, which can be easily wired into your Aux. switches.  



From the Rigid Harness, you have a red, white, and black wires. We have it setup as : 


Red- Power Input for Main Lights

White - Power Input for Amber Back Lights

Black - Ground


From here, using the information provided in the owners manual, we determined the perfect wire for the light pods, due to their amperage draw, would be the Green/Brown, which leads back to Aux. Switch 2 in the cabin. The back lights will be wired to the Violet/Green, since they have the least draw to them, which leads back to Aux. Switch 3. The ground will simply be mounted to the ground post that is on the body of the vehicle right next to the firewall. 



Now that that’s all wired in and finished, we can test the lights and move on to the light bar! 


First thing, we remove the OEM trim piece covering the 2 - 10mm nuts on each side, of which we removed and installed the Rigid brackets, starting with the isolating pads. Then, we installed the bracket covers and once tightened, popped in the stud covers. 



Next, we took SR Series light bar and mounted it on the brackets, using the supplied hardware within the kit.  


Once mounted, we ran the wiring from the light. We found the easiest way to run the wiring was to go over the initial gasket for the removable top, of which then you can run the wiring under that gasket, which has a small hole at the end, which perfectly opens to the side of the truck. From the side of the truck, we found a small gap in the roof support where we could sneak the wiring through to route it down a trim piece on the A-Pillar of the truck, although half way down the A-Pillar, we ran out of wire from the light bar and had to utilize the harness Rigid supplies. 



Once the harness was into the engine bay, we routed it along side an OEM harness to the exposed wiring for the Aux. Panel. 


We wired the harness to Aux.1, which works perfectly, since it is fused and relayed up to 30 AMPs. For the ground, we used the same grounding point as the light pod harness. 



Now that we have everything hooked up, grounded, and waterproofed thanks to the heat-shrink butt end connectors Rigid supplies to wire these kits, we’re good to go! 


Although, to finalize the exact light positions we would like to run, we’re going to have to wait for the sun to drop and night to fall! They are super easy to adjust on vehicle with a wrench, so regardless of where you are, you should have no issues adjusting these to your desire. 


Of course, you can now add your covers/lenses if you please to do so.