The new Whipple Supercharger kit for the 2024 Mustang S650

The New Whipple Supercharger Kit for the 2024 Mustang S650


2024 Mustang Whipple Supercharger Kits are HERE


The 2024 Mustang GT comes standard with an impressive 486hp from the factory, with the Dark Horse model pushing out 500hp.


While these numbers make for a fun time, what if you want more? We're talking 300-ish more, to make over 800hp? Meet the all new Whipple Gen 6 3.0L Supercharger kit for the 2024+ Mustang GT and Dark Horse.




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While some of the parts from its S550 predecessor will cross over, something all new for the 2024 Mustangs is Whipple Superchargers new Gen 6 3.0L supercharger kit, designed to add massive power to the new model and work with its dual intake and throttle body setup.


2024 Mustang GT Whipple Supercharger Kit with Dual Intakes and Single Throttle Body


What’s so cool about the Gen 6 3.0L Whipple?

The previous Gen 5 3.0L Whipple Supercharger was already a record-setting supercharger, but Whipple strives to constantly upgrade and innovate. After rigorous testing on engine dynos, in specialty computer simulations and more, we now have the new Gen 6 rotor pack.


We spoke with Dustin Whipple about the new 2024 Mustang GT Whipple Supercharger kit and he gave us a TON of great info. Check it out:



The new Gen 6 rotor design and profile have an updated bearing plate and new inlet port shape for increased rotor filling. You'll also see lower temps and increased airflow throughout the RPM curve, which only gets better as the RPM gets higher! In testing, with the same pulley sizes and conditions, the Gen 6 supercharger made roughly 30-35hp more than the Gen 6 on 91 octane (numbers would be higher with better fuel, but it’s California, what are you gonna do?). 

And speaking of how cool the Gen 6 3.0L Whipple Supercharger is, compared to the Gen 5 it also had much lower temperatures. Due not only to an improved airflow, the Gen 6 has a dual core, dual pass intercooler setup…times TWO. There is not one but two intercoolers beneath the massive supercharger lid, each with dual 3/4" inlets and dual 3/4" outlets.. The air must flow through each intercooler twice, cooling it down immensely. Oh and they also included the largest intercooler pump they could fit.


The new Gen 6 design has more airflow than the previous 3.0L Whipple SUperchargers


Another change that Whipple made when designing the new Gen 6 3.0L was changing from the roval throttle body design to a round/oval design. While the roval setup made great power and allowed for a lower profile for hood clearance, some were running into idle control issues due to its design. The round blade seals better and has increased airflow, with the round 112mm flowing the same as the roval 132mm throttle body. (Don’t worry, we’ll touch on the single vs. dual throttle body setup in a minute)


Oh, did you want some horsepower numbers!?


What good is a supercharger kit if it doesn't give you all the horsepowers?! Out of the box the Whipple Stage 1 Dark Horse kit is rated at 810hp. The Whipple Stage 2 Dark Horse kit is rated at 855hp. These, as with all of Whipple's horsepower ratings, are flywheel numbers. So what does it make to the tires?! Fortunately, we have gotten to test not just our own 2024 Mustang GT that has a few supporting goodies but we also got to test a stock 2024 Dark Horse with just a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger kit.


First up, our 2024 Mustang GT! This car has a full longtube to tip exhaust setup with Kooks headers, Corsa Double HH-pipe and more as well as a McLeod RXT and MGW shifter. We were blown away (heh, get it? blown?) with the horsepower numbers. Check it out:



Yep, 807rwhp with the 3.75" pulley! 



What about a STOCK car, Lethal? That's what matters! Say no more... Our friend Igor brought his 2024 Dark Horse down from North Carolina to put it on the dyno at Palm Beach Dyno and see what it could do. This car is a STOCK 10r80 car, down to the factory exhaust, with a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger complete kit. 



755rwhp! Tuned, ready to go and even available with a 36k mile warranty...


2024 Dark Horse Whipple Supercharger Dyno Sheet

Color us impressed.


How is it fueled?

The 2024+ Mustang Whipple kits will use the factory fuel pump setup.  For injectors, both the Whipple supercharger Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits will use Bosch 55lb/hr fuel injectors, the same injectors used in the 2018-2023 Mustang kits, and will come standard with a set of billet fuel rails that have 6an inlets/outlets (with 8an upgrade available in the future for custom fuel setups).



But what about the dual throttle bodies & intake?!

Ah yes, the dual intake and dual throttle body setup--seeming to cause a stir! The new Gen 6 Whipple Supercharger kits for the 2024 Mustang will utilize Ford’s new dual air intake setup, but will merge and be mated to a single throttle body at the supercharger entry.


2024 Mustang Whipple Supercharger Kits with dual inlet and single throttle body

WHY?! While we know some of you are [oddly] attached to the dual throttle body setup, the single oval throttle body was the result of tons of testing and R&D. Dustin Whipple originally designed a dual throttle body inlet, which he comically dubbed the “hammerhead” because of it’s looks, however he ran into issues. 

The inlet was much larger and therefore interfered with where the supercharger pulley mounted. While they did not hit, if you needed to change or do maintenance to the pulley you would have to remove the entire inlet. Bye bye quick pulley changes at the track! 

Secondly, because of the line of the hood, the inlet had to neck downwards a good amount, which sacrificed a lot of airflow and created unwanted turbulence.  Whipple tried testing the setup with dual 80mm, and even dual 102mm throttle bodies but in the end the single throttle body inlet provided the best airflow and functional design. Besides, a single 120mm throttle body flows enough air to make over 2000hp.

Speaking of 120mm, the kits will come with an injection molded rubber intake tube that is 120mm at all ends, so that you don’t need to change your intake tube no matter which throttle body you decide to use. The MAF housings even come equipped with Whipple’s own version of carbon traps, which flow much better than the more restrictive, coiled up contraptions that Ford uses. 


Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 kits

Stage 1 and Stage 2 only have minor differences. The main difference between the two kits is in the calibrations themselves. The Stage 2 calibration offers a more aggressive approach, with higher rev limiters, higher shift points and more aggressive spark. 


The other main difference between the 2024 Mustang Stage 1 and Stage 2 Whipple kits is the throttle body that is included. 


Oval 112mm Throttle Body included in the Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger Kits for the 2024 Mustang


The Stage 1 kits will come with a single 92mm GT500 throttle body.  The Stage 2 kits will come with a billet 112mm round throttle body (using GT500 electronics).

There will also be an optional 120mm throttle body for race applications.


With the Stage 1 Complete Kit you also have the option of purchasing the kit with a 36k mile Powertrain Warranty, which covers up to $7500 in engine damage and $2000 in transmission damage. For more info on the warranty, click here. NOTE: For vehicles with 36,000 miles or less and less than 3 years old ONLY


Boost Numbers

The new Gen 6 3.0L Whipple Supercharger kit for the 2024 Mustang will come set up for about 12psi, using a 3.75" pulley.  Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits will come with the same size pulley. 


The Most Important Parts (besides horsepower): How Will We Tune It?

The 2024 Mustang GT, like its S550 predecessors, does come from Ford with a locked-up PCM tighter than Fort Knox. However, Whipple has an amazing relationship with Ford and has the ability to tune the PCM for their supercharger kits using a new and improved Whipple Tomahawk v.2 flash tool. Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits will come with a 50-state-legal calibration!

Whipple’s calibrations will not get compromised by Ford’s Over-the-air updates. What it will do, though, is allow you to change your gear ratio, tire size and more within the tune and even perform a crank relearn.  Another awesome feature of Whipple’s calibrations is their use of the adaptive throttle body. Since these cars will be driven in climates of all types, the throttle body will react to extreme temperatures (read via the IAT). If the temps become too cold (we all know how cooler air = more horsepower) or too hot (let’s say if your intercooler pump decides to take a break) then the throttle will begin to limit power so that your car does not venture outside of the safe range (which is around 800hp, that’s quite a safe range…). 

While you won't be able to custom tune these cars for a bit, you can definitely slap a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger kit on there, tune it and enjoy all the horsepower benefits.


Want to hear it? We thought you would...



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