Maximizing Your Muscle: The Best 2024 Mustang Mods to Unlock Performance Potential

Maximizing Your Muscle: The Best 2024 Mustang Mods to Unlock Performance Potential

The all-new 2024 Mustang S650 brings more than a few changes and updates to Ford's legacy pony car, representing an entirely new generation for The Blue Oval. As the first model year of the seventh generation, it looks like the 2024 Mustang is here to make a statement. But even with all the new features and updates designed to help the 2024 Mustang stand out from its sixth-generation 2023 predecessor, we at Lethal Performance are more excited for one thing and one thing only – 2024 Mustang mods. We can't help it. We were born for the aftermarket.

If you've already pre-ordered your 2024 Mustang, or you're thinking about making the purchase, you're probably trying to figure out which 2024 Ford Mustang mods you need to take your performance to even bigger heights. Don't worry, Jughead; you're not alone. The experts at Lethal Performance are here to help. This article will take a deep dive into some of the best 2024 Mustang mods on the aftermarket to help you maximize your performance and style, so you can hit the road knowing you've got the most badass ride in (at least) a 50-mile radius.

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2024 Mustang Variant Options

If you're planning on picking up a new 2024 S650 Mustang, you know you've got more than a few variants to choose from. Each variant aims to satisfy, from high-performance options to custom builds like the 2024 RTR Mustang. Which variant you choose will most likely affect which 2024 Mustang mods you want, so let's take a quick look at all the options available to get an idea of what you're in for.

The lineup of 2024 Mustang variants includes:

  • 2024 Mustang EcoBoost (& Premium): Features a turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost engine capable of producing 315 HP & 350 lb-ft. of torque.
  • 2024 Mustang GT( & Premium): Features an updated 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine capable of producing 480 HP & 415 lb-ft. of torque.
  • 2024 Mustang Dark Horse (& Premium): Featuring the Gen-4 5.0L Coyote engine capable of producing 500 HP & 418 lb-ft. of torque.

While 315 horsepower from a base model is a not-so-insignificant number, the Mustang Dark Horse is the true standout of the 2024 lineup. Ford's 5.0L V8 Coyote engine is their most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever, making it the most track-capable, street-legal Mustang ever produced. However, we know we can bump those numbers up even more with 2024 Mustang mods.

2024 Mustang Mods

The Best 2024 Mustang Mods for Performance

When it comes to building your perfect modded 2024 Ford Mustang, you've got a lot of options at your disposal. In this section, we'll focus solely on 2024 Mustang mods designed to boost your performance in the areas you care about the most: power, speed and sound.

Exhaust System Upgrades

Beloved by gearheads world-round, an aftermarket exhaust is typically the perfect first mod for any car, truck or Jeep. The 2024 Mustang is no different. Upgrading your exhaust system enhances your exhaust note, bringing a deadly sound to your ride and improving exhaust gas flow, increasing horsepower and torque. A cat-back exhaust system featuring larger diameter piping and performance mufflers can help unleash the true growl of your Mustang while adding a few extra horses under the hood.

If you want to upgrade your entire exhaust system, you might also want to consider adding long tube headers into the mix. These 2024 Mustang mods replace your stock exhaust manifold, letting your engine breathe easy and pushing out exhaust gases like a champ. When added with a cat-back exhaust, your Mustang will get a real kick in the horsepower and torque department, taking its road domination to the next level.

And then there's the resonator delete upgrade – the ultimate sidekick in custom exhaust mods. It's all about ditching those muffling resonators and letting your exhaust noise run wild. A resonator delete straddles the line between boldness and restraint, giving your ride an unfiltered roar that taps into the primal Mustang legacy. The resonator delete doesn't just make noise; it makes a statement.

Hear the 2024 Mustang CORSA HH-Pipe for yourself and discover why it's a must-have upgrade for anyone serious about leveling up their 2024 Mustang's sound and performance.

Companies like Corsa Performance, Kooks, Stainless Works and more are all set to release 2024 Mustang exhaust mods at Lethal Performance, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Check out some of our favorites:

  • Corsa Performance 3" Stainless Double HH-Pipe: Want that beastly growl without any annoying drone during cruise? Look no further – CORSA has your back. If you're rolling in a 2024 Mustang, this 3.0" Double HH-Pipe (with 23.43% more flow than stock) is the game-changer you need to level up your ride.
  • Steeda 304 Stainless Resonator Delete X-Pipe: Wanna crank up the sound and power on a budget? Steeda's 304SS Resonator Delete X-Pipe is your ticket. Shedding up to 7 pounds, this bad boy doesn't mess around. The X design isn't just for looks – it cranks up the scavenging effect, giving you serious juice at high RPMs. And that race-inspired exhaust note? Yeah, it's part of the package.
  • Roush Mustang GT Resonator Delete H-Pipe: Time to make your Mustang roar like a true boss – introducing ROUSH Performance's Resonator Delete H-Pipe. It's the fast lane to that killer aggressive exhaust growl you crave, whether you're tearing up the streets or owning the track. Crafted from top-notch mandrel-bent stainless steel, this 2.5-inch H-Pipe is about power without compromise. Smooth flow, minimal back pressure and built to last. Get ready to command attention and dominate the road or track.
  • Ford Performance Mustang GT X Pipe: Let's talk about your factory resonator mid-pipe – it needs a boost, right? That's where the Ford Racing Cut and Clamp X-Pipe swoops in. It's all about leveling up that exhaust game. Balancing out those gas pressures? Check. Boosting the flow for more power and that raw edge? Double check. This Ford Racing X-Pipe isn't just about muscle; it's about attitude. With that slick "X" crossover pipe, you're not just gaining power – you're gaining a roar that'll give your ride a serious dose of race car swagger.

Supercharger Upgrades

While a forced air induction mod like a supercharger can benefit all variants, we highly recommend these 2024 Mustang mods for those who pick up the Dark Horse.

Since the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse comes equipped with Ford's Gen-4 5.0L Coyote engine, the most powerful naturally aspirated engine they've ever produced, further power gains are best achieved with a supercharger mod. Adding 2024 Mustang Dark Horse mods can elevate its performance to stratospheric levels, providing the horsepower and torque needed for blistering track times.

  • Whipple Stage 2 3.0L Supercharger Kit: Introducing the Gen 6 Whipple Stage 2 3.0L Twin-Screw Supercharger, tailor-made for the 2024 Ford Mustang 5.0L S650. This isn't just driving; it's an adrenaline-infused, heart-pounding experience. Featuring a patented dual intercooler core with dual pass technology, Whipple's Gen 6 supercharger cools the air twice to ensure your Mustang stays in top form even when things heat up. Combine this with tire-shredding horsepower and torque, and you've got a ride that's as thrilling as it is rock-solid.

Cold Air Intake Upgrades

Increasing the intake airflow is essential for enhancing engine performance. A cold air intake system can help your 2024 Mustang breathe better, improving horsepower, torque and throttle response. These simple 2024 Ford Mustang mods provide noticeable results and a relatively inexpensive price tag that is perfect for any driver.

Turbocharger Upgrades

While each variant already packs quite a punch in horsepower and torque, 2024 Mustang mods like turbocharger upgrades are the perfect way to significantly boost those numbers. 2024 EcoBoost and GT drivers would especially want to focus on these mods, as a larger turbocharger with improved airflow and cooling can result in substantial power gains. These 2024 EcoBoost and 2024 Mustang GT mods are the real deal for helping your ride become a true force of nature on the road.

Suspension Upgrades

The 2024 Mustang's track-focused intent makes upgrading your suspension components crucial. This is especially true for the Dark Horse variant, which is purposefully designed to bring the gold on a track. 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse mods like half shafts and rear toe links can drastically improve your handling and cornering capabilities, ensuring that your Dark Horse remains on the track and agile in the curves.

If you don't know where to start when looking for suspension mods, we recommend checking out some of the available 2024 Mustang mods from Steeda, one of the best aftermarket manufacturers in the industry. Here are a few more of our favorites currently out on the market:

  • Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Links: Whether you're unleashing your Mustang's power on the daily grind or tearing up auto-cross tracks like a pro, Steeda's Adjustable Rear Toe Links are your game-changers. These bad boys don't just handle – they elevate your whole ride. Say hello to better handling response, that tight connection and balance that lets you own the road. Controlling your beast? Piece of cake. These Rear Toe Links are built tough, TIG-welded and powder-coated for the long haul. And get this: you can fine-tune while these babies are right on your car.
  • BMR Suspension Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods: Ready to up your game for the 2024 Mustang? BMR Suspension's got you covered with their Double-Adjustable Toe Rods. We're talking about launching harder, killing wheel hop, and nailing those corners precisely. Whether you're owning the streets, tearing up the strip, or dominating the track, these mods are your secret weapon. Crafted from tough 1 1/4-inch DOM steel tubing, these 2024 MUSTANG MODS mean business. And check this out – TIG-welded chrome-moly tube adapters with a heavy-duty center adjuster mean you can fine-tune these beasts right on your ride.
  • UPR Products Mustang Pro Series IRS Adjustable Rear Toe Links: Rev up your suspension game with UPR Pro Series Toe Links – the wheel hop antidote you've been hunting for. Crafted from laser-cut 3/16 steel, these bad boys are here to play hard – on the streets and the track. Tig-welded and nickel plated, they're ready to handle years of abuse without flinching. Heavy-duty chrome moly rod ends (the muscle of the operation) are self-sealing, self-lubricating and Teflon lined. No sweat on adjustments either, thanks to the left and right-hand threaded turnbuckle that lets you tweak right on the car. And don't get us started on the lockout washers – they're here to show those factory eccentric bolts who's boss.

Transmission Upgrades

Gear up for an upgraded driving experience with MGW's latest series of shifters. Every shift matters, and with MGW’s dedication to innovation, every gear transition promises to be smoother, faster, and more accurate. Whether you're on the open road or the race track, let’s redefine the boundaries of what's possible behind the wheel. Dive into the details below and choose the perfect shifter upgrade for your Mustang.

  • MGW 2024+ Mustang X-Spec Short Throw Shifter: 2024 brings you MGW's updated design, finely tuned after valuable feedback from enthusiasts like you. The new design not only beautifully nestles inside your Mustang’s oval cutout, but it's also a real time-saver. Say goodbye to knuckle injuries and save about 30 minutes of install time! Despite its compact design, the performance remains unbeatable, retaining the racing essence you love. For those seeking the most aggressive throw reduction, the MGW 2024+ Mustang X-Spec short throw shifter is your champion, boasting a 25% shift length reduction over stock. Plus, with the Low Profile handle, gear transitions just got even swifter.
  • MGW 2024+ Mustang Race Spec Short Throw Shifter: Embrace MGW’s redesigned Race Spec Shifter for the 2024 Mustang – a direct response to the feedback of enthusiasts. Its streamlined design ensures a snug fit, so you can forget about installation hassles. But don't be fooled by its compactness; it roars with the same performance intensity you've come to expect. Suitable for Mustangs from 2024 and onwards, with models compatible for V8, V6, and EcoBoost engines. Engineered for precise alignment even during the most intense shifts, the MGW 2024+ Mustang race spec short throw shifter guarantees smooth operation, with the promise of sound and thermal shielding for an uninterrupted driving experience. Crafted with precision in the USA.
  • MGW Gen 2 2024+ Mustang Dark Horse TR3160 Short Throw Shifter: The Darkhorse TR3160 Shifter from MGW is an evolution, drawing inspiration from its predecessor designed for the GT500 Mustangs. Experience the familiar rifle-bolt action, thanks to the shifter's rigid linkage shaft and large bronze support bearing. The 5-degree down-angle ensures a direct shot into the transmission, culminating in a significant 20% reduction in throw. It’s an improvement from the previous gen’s 15% reduction, and all of this comes without any additional springs. Perfect for 2024+ Mustang Darkhorse with the TR3160 transmission. Tailor your shifter with the OEM adapter for the stock knob, or add a touch of finesse with MGW’s aftermarket knobs.

Catch Can Upgrades

You want to ensure your 2024 Mustang GT runs clean and mean for years. That's where an oil catch can (one of the simplest 2024 Mustang mods) comes in.

When your engine burns fuel, it spits out gases, most of which exit through the exhaust. But some sneaky bits can slip past the piston and into the crankcase – known as 'blow-by.' Engine blow-by can mix with the oil in the crankcase, creating nasty sludge and finding its way into your intake system through the PCV valve. This means crankcase fumes, oil, unburned fuel and more infiltrate your intake system, hitting everything from the manifold to the valves to the intercooler. Oil catch cans are designed to trap these unwanted contaminants and hold onto them, preventing them from wreaking havoc further down your intake tract.

A catch can won't magically add horsepower, but by cleaning up your intake and preventing gunk buildup, these 2024 Mustang mods free up the ponies you already have. Your ride will run smoother and more efficiently, and that's what it's all about, right? Here are some of our favorites:

  • UPR Plug N Play Passenger Side Oil Catch Can Separator: Introducing UPR's brand-new Plug N Play Catch Can kit for the 2024 Mustang GT 5.0. Slap it on fast, clean it easy and let it turn some heads. Tight space under the hood? No worries. The adjustable mounting bracket slips right in. The coalescing filter is top-notch, separating the crud from the good stuff with absolute efficiency. The icing on the cake? UPR exclusive push button fittings and a quick-release knob allow you to empty blow by in seconds – you're in and out, no tools needed.
  • J&L Oil Separator 3.0 PCV Side: Looking for a rugged, no-nonsense solution for your engine? Get your hands on the J&L Oil Separator 3.0 PCV Side. Made from solid billet aluminum, it's built like a tank. The knurled tank base lets you unscrew it easily to drain out the old oil, and it's got an O-ring seal so you won't have any messy leaks. Inside, a fine mesh stainless steel filter traps those pesky oil vapors until they get too heavy to float around. By that time, they're too heavy to re-enter your intake.
2024 mustang dark horse mods

The Best Exterior 2024 Mustang Mods

Once you're done focusing on 2024 Mustang mods that maximize your performance, you can start looking for aftermarket mods that accentuate your style. After all, your exterior should look as mean as it performs, right?

The 2024 Ford Mustang is completely redesigned, and it looks damn good. With an overhauled front and rear fascias, LED headlights and grilles and a completely sculpted appearance from the nose to the rear deck, the new 2024 Mustang gives off a far more aggressive, boxier look than any of its predecessors. Exterior 2024 Mustang mods will give this redesign even more prominence, further separating you from the crowd of pony car lovers.

Take a look at the aggressive styling difference exterior 2024 Mustang mods can make in this short video. We talk with our friends at RTR as they showcase their all-new RTR 2024 Mustang, completely outfitted with their top exterior mods. All the 2024 Mustang RTR exterior mods shown in this video are for sale right here at Lethal Performance.

Grille Mods

If you're ready to enhance your Mustang's aggressiveness, grille mods are a must. Not only are aftermarket grilles an excellent combination of style and functionality, but they're exceptionally easy to install.

In addition to upgrading your appearance, a grille mod can maximize airflow to your engine compartment, optimizing cooling efficiency for peak performance. Additionally, these 2024 Ford Mustang mods are great for preserving the functionality and performance of your Mustang's braking system. Here at Lethal Performance, we carry upper grilles, lower grilles and corner grilles to complete the entire look.

Hood Vent Mods

If you want to make a bold statement, we recommend picking up a hood vent mod. These 2024 Mustang mods look fantastic and serve a practical purpose. By extracting hot air from the engine bay, they help keep engine temperatures in check while you're pushing your Mustang to its absolute limits. These vents can be functional or purely aesthetic, depending on your preference.


Splitters add a touch of aggression to the sides of your 2024 Mustang while improving aerodynamics by managing airflow around the vehicle. Chin splitters, rocker splitters and rear quarter splitters all create a more planted and aggressive look, making your 2024 Mustang appear ready to conquer any road or track.

Decklid Spoilers

If you're looking for exterior 2024 Mustang mods to accentuate the aggressive lines of the seventh-generation S650's rear, you'll want to check out decklid spoilers. These 2024 Ford Mustang GT mods provide a subtle yet effective way to bring true aggression and aerodynamics to your ride. In addition to your new mean look, decklid spoilers can improve downforce and stability at higher speeds.

The Best Interior 2024 Mustang Mods

Along with its exterior redesign, the 2024 Ford Mustang has also received a complete interior overhaul. Inspired by jet fighter cockpits, the 2024 S650 interior is packed with new comfort features and tons of tech. It even includes an all-new 12.4-inch LCD digital cluster that spans the entire instrument panel to the center stack, a new flat-bottomed steering wheel and new interior colorways.

We'll be honest; there aren't many things we can think of to add to this redesigned interior. However, with the inclusion of a 6-speed manual transmission on the GT and Dark Horse variants, we have to recommend picking up an aftermarket short throw shifter and shifter knob to bring your identity to the forefront of your interior. Our friends at Ford Performance Parts have tons of great options, as well as plenty of other 2024 Ford Mustang mods to help your interior reflect your personality a little more.

A Note About Performance Tuning

For most Mustang enthusiasts out there, part of the fun of picking up aftermarket performance mods is tuning everything to perfection after installation. However, when it comes to seventh-generation 2024 Mustang mods, things will be a bit more difficult.

The new Fully-Networked Vehicle (FNV) electrical architecture the Mustang is built around really complicates the task of tuning the ECU. It's encrypted to prevent hackers from being able to break into the system, but that's also bad news for tuners. Using your regular third-party tuner could disable certain functions or the electrical system could shut down altogether.

Thankfully, all hope isn't lost. Ford has stated that they're open to working with trusted tuning companies. But as of right now, none have yet to be named. However, when aftermarket tunes become available for the 2024 Mustang, you better believe Lethal Performance will be ready to provide you with the best in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions: 2024 Ford Mustang Mods

If you have any questions or need more information about 2024 Ford Mustang mods, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Mods Can You Put On a 2024 Mustang?

The 2024 Mustang is a highly customizable ride. You can install all the 2024 Mustang mods included in this list and a few others, like lighting upgrades, fuel injectors and brake kits, to make your ride shine.

What Mods Make a 2024 Mustang Faster?

There are plenty of 2024 Ford Mustang mods that can help improve your speed here at Lethal Performance. Some of the most commonly used mods include superchargers, turbochargers, wheels and lowering springs.

How Do I Add HP to My 2024 Mustang?

If your main goal is to maximize your horsepower, look to 2024 Ford Mustang mods like cat-back exhaust systems, cold air intakes, superchargers or turbochargers and throttle body spacers.

Unlock Your Mustang's True Potential With 2024 Mustang Mods From Lethal Performance

When elevating your 2024 Ford Mustang to unmatched levels of performance and style, look no further than Lethal Performance. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the passion that drives you to seek the best for your pony car. That's why we're your go-to destination for the best 2024 Mustang mods in the industry.

We pride ourselves on carrying only top-rated products and Ford Mustang parts from manufacturers that enthusiasts know and trust. Our carefully curated selection ensures you'll find the perfect upgrades to achieve massive gains in the areas you care about the most. Lethal Performance has everything from power-packed performance enhancements to head-turning exterior modifications.

Maximize your muscle, stand out from the crowd and hit the road with confidence, knowing that you've equipped your ride with the best aftermarket 2024 Ford Mustang mods available. Shop Lethal Performance today.

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