2018+ Mustang GT Parts Guide

2018-2019 Mustang GT Parts Guide: The basics!

You've just purchased your new 2018-19 Mustang GT.  The ride is smooth, the power is strong and you're in total love. But you want more, right? You are here shopping on a performance parts site, after all...

But where do you start?? There's so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. Let us help. We'll provide some info on the most common mods that have been tested & proven, from bolt ons to blowers, for the latest S550 setup from Ford. As always, give us a shout if you have any questions.  We've been able to gather a lot of info from our very own 2018 Mustang GT, aka Project Goldmember.


Here's what we'll give a little rundown on:

  • Exhaust (Axlebacks, Catbacks, Headers & more)
  • Custom Tuning (The Tune Shop!)
  • Intakes (Cold Air Intakes + power packages)
  • Suspension (from street to strip)
  • Superchargers (Whipple, Procharger & more)


Let's get rolling...




Everyone wants their Mustang to sound good. Some want it quieter, some want it loud & proud. Either way, there are a TON of options from a simple resonator delete to full longtube header systems.


Resonator Delete

The factory exhaust comes with a large resonator built into it, fittingly nicknamed The Suitcase. While some may enjoy the benefits of the quieter exhaust, most Mustang enthusiasts want to open it up and let her rip. Fortunately, there are a couple of options from us here at Lethal Performance. The installation is quick & simple and greatly increases the exhaust note of your 2018+ Mustang GT.

Want to see the easy install & hear some sound clips? Check out the video:


Axlebacks & Catbacks

With the 2018 Mustang GT came the quad tip exhaust, previously only seen on the likes of GT500s and GT350s. With it came a whole new range of axlebacks & catbacks available, from deep toned & reserved to loud & exotic. If you just want to replace the mufflers for increased sound, an axleback is your best choice. If you'd like to go ahead and replace the pipes that lead over the axles and into the resonator delete sometimes all the way up to the crossover with some manufacturers!) then a catback is the favored option. Check out some of our most popular choices below as well as some videos to let you hear what they sound like.


Lethal Performance 3" Race Axleback with Black Powdercoated 4" tips

  • Deep, aggressive notes; Pairs well with our Resonator Delete pipes
  • Want to hear it? Here's a couple of videos:



Borla Peformance Exhaust

  • Available as both a catback and axleback setup
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Available with or without Active Exhaust valves
  • Want to hear it? Here's a video from Borla:

Corsa Performance Exhaust

  • Available as both a catback and axleback setup
  • Catbacks available with or without Active Exhaust valves
  • Quad tips available in polished, black or gunmetal finish
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  • Want to hear it? Here's a couple of videos from Corsa:



Kooks Exhaust System

  • Available as a catback or axleback setup
  • Catbacks available with an X-pipe or H-pipe
  • Axlebacks available as a muffler delete or with a Kooks round Race muffler
  • Quad tips available in polished or black powxdercoat finish
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Here's a video from Kooks:

Magnaflow Exhaust

  • Available in catback or axleback configuration
  • Catbacks include crossover section
  • Quad tips available in a polished or black finish
  • Catback available with Street or Competition mufflers; Axleback available as Competition only (Competition is more aggressive)
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  • Want to hear it? Here's a couple of videos from Magnaflow:



Pypes Performance Exhausts

  • Available in catback or axleback setup
  • Available with Polished or Black tips
  • Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel construction


Roush Performance

  • Want to hear them? Here's a couple of videos from Roush Performance:
  • Catbacks available with Active iO exhaust for complete sound control
    • Roush Active Exhaust system features four modes: Touring, Sport, Track, and a custom mode you can set yourself
  • Catbacks available with or without Active exhaust
  • Available in catback or axleback configuration



Stainless Works Redline Series Catbacks

  • Available with and without active exhaust
  • Available with X-pipe or H-pipe crossover
  • Redline series produces a more aggressive exhaust tone
  • Want to hear them? Here's a video from Stainless Works:
Longtube Headers
While the 2018+ comes with a higher flowing exhaust header/manifold from the factory, there's definitely room to open up the primaries and get a ton more exhaust flow. Not only will you gain a more aggressive sound, but you can gain upwards of 25-30rwhp (especially beneficial to boosted applications!). Check out our most popular combos:
American Racing Headers
  • Available as a Bottle Neck Eliminator, Direct Connect for Corsa catbacks or as a Long System
  • Available with 1 3/4", 1 7/8" or 2" primaries
  • Stainless Steel construction made in the USA
  • Check out the video from ARH (It's on a 2015 but sounds similar!)

Corsa Performance

  • Available as Headers Only or with Off-road Connection Pipes
  • 1 7/8" primaries with 3" collector
  • T-304 Stainless Steel
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  • Check out this video from Corsa Performance:

JBA Performance Long Tube Headers & Connection Pipes

  • 1 7/8" primaries with 3" collectors
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Catted & Off-road connection pipes available
  • Natural, Silver Ceramic, Titanium Ceramic & Polished finish available
  • Got a video? Send it to us at media@lethalperformance.com!


Kooks Headers & Exhaust

Pypes Performance Exhaust
  • Availabe in a catted or off-road configuration
  • Tig welded T304 Stainless Steel construction
  • 1 3/4" to 1 7/8" stepped primaries
  • Three mid-pipe choices: Catted to factory Cat-Back, Off-Road to factory Cat-Back and a full 3" to 3" Cat-Back
Stainless Works & Stainless Power

Custom Tuning

While some modifications like an axleback or certain intakes do not require any tuning to the PCM, most other worthwhile mods will require necessary changes to the tune in order for the car to not only run properly but also benefit fully from the new part. 

Have no fear, the Tune Shop is here! We offer custom tuning for your 2018-up Mustang GT or GT350 from the TOP tuners in the business ALL in ONE place here at Lethal Performance's Tune Shop.


We offer the tunes multiple ways. Already have a device? You can simply order just a tune. Need a device and want the tune loaded onto it? We have that, too!



Check them out here:


Cold Air Intakes

It seems that a cold air intake + tune is THE most popular performance mods that Mustang owners do first. With just a couple simple mods you can gain up to 30rwhp. We offer just the intakes themselves OR we also offer power packages that come with custom tuning & a device for a discounted price. You can't go wrong! We can also set the tune up for any other mods you may have. Check out the options below. 


JLT Performance



PMAS Performance



Roush Performance



There is a HUGE variety of aftermarket suspension available for the 2015+ IRS S550 chassis from top manufacturers like BMR Suspension, UPR Products, Vi-King, Eibach & more. Sometimes it's hard to narrow down what parts or which combos your setup will need. It will really depend on what you will be using the car for. 

A good place to start would be our tech article & videos we developed with the help of Kelly Aiken at BMR Suspension. Click here to read the article.



Ahhhh, boost!! Our favorite. The 2018-up Mustang has responded SO WELL to blowers of all kinds, including our own 2018 with a 3.0L Whipple Supercharger. We offer kits direct from the manufacturers or custom packages allowing you to build your supercharger kit YOUR way. 


Vortech Superchargers

  • Available as Tuner Kits from Vortech direct
  • Available in Satin, Black or Polished finish
  • Custom Vortech Packages with custom tuning, injectors, pump booster & more


Paxton Superchargers

  • Available as a Tuner Kit only from Paxton
  • Available in Satin or Black finish
  • Custom Paxton Package with custom tuning, injectors, fuel pump booster & more 


Procharger Superchargers

  • Available as Tuner Kit, Procharger Complete HO Kit or Complete Stage II Kit with HPTuners nGauge, injectors & pump booster 
  • Available in Satin, Black or Polished finish
  • Custom Procharger Package with custom tuning, injectors, pump booster & more 


Whipple Superchargers

  • All new Gen 5 3.0L Whipple Supercharger 
  • Available as a Stage 1 or Stage 2 Tuner Kit or Complete kit with Whipple tune, DW injectors and DW fuel pump
  • Available in Black, Polished or Custom Painted finish
  • Custom 800hp Whipple Package available with custom tuning, injectors & more 
  • We installed this blower on our own 2018 Mustang GT, aka Project Goldmember. Check out these videos for more info, including a dyno run where we made over 900rwhp!


We carry THOUSANDS of parts for your Mustang. If it's not featured here or listed on our site, just give us a shout! Have questions? Give us a shout! We're here to help.

Email: support@lethalperformance.com

Call us: 877-2-LETHAL (561-753-8105)