Hawk 94-04 Mustang GT Quiet Slot Rotor (Rear Single Rotor)


Manufacturer: Hawk

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Hawk 94-04 Mustang GT Quiet Slot Rotor (Rear Single Rotor)

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Quiet Slot™ rotors are cast from a proprietary formulation of premium alloys producing a superior performance street product.

  • Noise dampening steel formulation.
  • Long grain carbon iron for maximum thermal stability.
  • Molybdenum additive for high temperature strength and thermal crack resistance.
  • Unique alloy blend provides exceptional rotor life and durability.


Quiet Slot™ rotors combine the look, feel and durability of a true performance rotor with the fitment and convenience of OE design.

  • Performance design – Direct OE replacement recommended for street use only.
  • Unidirectional vanes eliminate the need for left and right side rotors.
  • Optimal rotor vane and wall thickness improves structural strength, noise dampening and heat capacity.
  • OE style vane design combined with increased heat capacity dramatically improves brake pad and rotor life.

Quiet Slots

Hawk Performance® Quiet Slot™ rotors feature a unique slot design specifically engineered to improve your car's braking performance and driver comfort.

  • Increases initial bite.
  • Improves wet weather brake performance.
  • Effectively removes gas and wear debris.
  • When the brakes are not engaged, the Quiet Slot™ rotor vane and surface slot design effectively cuts through the surrounding air flow virtually eliminating the "whirling" noise typically encountered with cross drilled or heavily slotted rotors.
  • Visual wear indicator. Rotors should be replaced when slots are worn down and no longer visible.
  • Optimizes overall brake performance.

Surface Finish

  • Swirl ground surface for improved brake pad bed-in and "green" out of the box performance.
  • Specific RMS finish accelerates the creation of a proper transfer film when run with Hawk Performance® brand brake pads.
  • All rotors are finished with a GEOMET® coating that protects both the internal and external surfaces from rust and corrosion.


All Quiet Slot™ rotors are meticulously checked for proper balance, thickness, flatness and runout. All rotors are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

Environmental Benefits

CHROMIUM-FREE- Does not contain any chromium (NO HEXAVALENT and NO TRIVALENT). GEOMET® meets the following regulations:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Administration (OSHA)
  • DaimlerChrysler CS-9003
  • General Motors GMW 3059
  • Ford WSS-M99P9999-A1 (Hex 9)
  • EU Directive on End of Life Vehicles NO TOXIC METALS- Free from nickel, cadmium, lead, barium, and mercury.

What is GEOMET?

GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based coating dispersion containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver-gray coating. Applied as a liquid, the coating becomes totally inorganic after curing at 575-600° F (300-315°C).


Manufacturer Hawk
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  • Mustang GT 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004