Griots Garage Paint Cleaning Clay 8oz.

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Griots Garage Paint Cleaning Clay 8oz.

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Clay is an essential part of the detailing process. You've heard time and time again that "prep is key" - apply a great wax over a flawed finish, and you'll still be left with a flawed finish. Don't let contamination such as brake dust, environmental fallout, and rail dust leave your paint feeling and looking rough. Using detailing clay will leave your paint as smooth as glass without abrading the surface - but it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. This big 8 ounce bar will clay anywhere from 5-10 vehicles, depending on how contaminated they are. Coupled with your own pre-mixed lubricant (we recommend Optimum Instant Detailer), this clay is an excellent bang for your buck. It's a mild grade and is very pliable and easy to work with. For vehicles that have already been clayed within the last 6 months or do not need a mild grade clay, we recommend using Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay, a fine grade clay.

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