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  1. nGauge Windshield Mount
    Easy to install with one touch lever. PVC suction mount arm adjusts vertically and provides 360 degree rotation Learn More
  2. Lund Racing nGauge Tuning and Monitoring Gauge w/Base Tune (2011+)

    nGauge is a digital gauge that connects to the vehicle's OBD2 port, allowing the user to view live data and reprogram the ECU

    Gauge Functions

    User configurable digital gauges
    Display up to 6 gauges at a time
    Pick from hundreds of OBD2 signals
    Record log files to MicroSD Card
    Program warning lights
    Built in diagnostics
    Daisy Chain up to 7 gauges together

    Optional Tuning Feature

    Read and save stock file
    Load hundreds of tunes from your MicroSD Card
    Support for Ford now
    Auto save when you stop logging or lose power
    No updater software
    Unlimited tunes
    Full file flash first time. 4-5 mins
    Flash updates under 1 min
    main config file sent with the tune
    4 or 6 parameter screen mode (to view similar to an Aeroforce gauge)
    End user adjustable parameters

    Hardware Features

    2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
    Resistive touch screen
    Touch stylus included
    Micro-SD Card
    2 Analog inputs
    6 Programmable LEDs
    Chrome bezel
    Brushed aluminum overlay
    Adapter Ring Included
    Dual T-Slot for pedestal mounting
    Thin design to save space
    Auto Sleep/Wake with ignition
    RS232 and CAN expansion Port
    Support for Zeitronix wideband
    Light Sensor with auto dimming
    Firmware update thru USB or MicroSD
    2 High Speed CAN Channels
    Suction cup mount
    ISO9141 / KWP2000, J1850PWM / J1850VPW
    Learn More
  3. Lund Racing Boost Box Omega for nGauge (Includes Cable)
    The LR-BBNGP is a 3.5 bar boost sensor WITH BARO correction. It is a plug-and-play unit specific to version 2 of the nGauge (serial numbers with a second digit of 2, for example 020123). This unit is PLUG AND PLAY, meaning no external power is needed. This unit comes with the necessary wire to plug into the nGauge.

    The BBSCP is a 3.5 bar boost sensor WITH BARO correction, plug-and-play, specific to SCT Devices. It has been tested with all SCT devices that use a firewire analog input. It is PLUG and PLAY, meaning no external power is needed; however, this unit needs the additional fire wire cable to connect to the SCT device. We have this version available: LR-BSC Cable, as you see above.

    LR Boost Box Omega comes with a 90 day limited warranty. The limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use while the Boost Box is mounted INSIDE the vehicle. Learn More
  4. ZT-2 Advanced Datalogging System
    The ZT-2 Datalogging system gives nGauge users an affordable, easy to use, Plug-n-Play option for Advanced Datalogging. The ZT-2 allows users to log many sensors right on the device, including: wideband (Air/Fuel Ratio), Boost, fuel pressure, ethanol percentage, and many other 0-5V sensors. With the ZT-2 system, the user will have the ability to view any of these external sensors in real time on the Gauges screen of the nGauge, as well as record them in datalogs with the touch of a button. Installation takes just minutes by hooking up a 12V power and ground wire.

    Supported Sensors for Logging:

    Wideband (Air/Fuel Ratio)
    Exhaust Gas Temperature
    Throttle Position
    Ethanol Percentage
    0-5 Volt Sensors
    Air/Fluid Temperature
    Oil/Fuel Pressure

    Included Items:

    Wideband Oxygen Sensor
    Datalogging Controller
    Wiring Hardware
    Datalogging Software
    Learn More
  5. MAP 3.5 Bar Boost Sensor for Lund Racing nGauge
    MAP 3.5 Bar Boost Sensor to monitor Boost in your Lund Racing nGauge! Learn More
  6. Fuel Pressure Sensor 0 to 150psi for Lund Racing nGauge
    Fuel Pressure Sensor 0 to 150psi for Lund Racing nGauge. This sensor allows nGauge users to run a signal to the nGauge for live viewing and recording of the data. Learn More

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