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  1. Ford Performance 07-09 GT500 113mm Cold Air Kit and Procal
    Fits 2007-2009 SVT Mustang
    Approximate increase of 40 hp / 30 lb-ft over stock

    Kit includes:
    Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration for significantly improved throttle response and performance feel. A Certified Pre-owned Procal tool may be provided.
    113 mm Mass Air Sensor Housing
    Disposable air filter element M-9601-D

    Premium (91 octane or higher) fuel only
    Due to multiple calibrations, online registration is required to receive Pro-Cal tool after purchase.
    Ford Racing does not ship Pro-Cal tools directly overseas. Customers must make special arrangements with their Ford Racing Distributor.
    Engine calibrations are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian vehicles only
    Unlike many of our competitors, this Ford Racing Power Upgrade Package is 50 state emissions legal
    Federal and state laws prohibit any person from installing aftermarket add-on or modified parts prior to the sale of a new motor vehicle Learn More
  2. Ford Performance 07-09 GT500 Cold Air Intake System

    Ford Racing 07-09 GT500 Cold Air Intake System'

    • Fits 2007-2010 SVT Mustang
    • Designed for those that want the Ford Racing intake for aftermarket performance tuning/calibration.
    • Kit comes with hardware only! Calibration not included! Kit intended for aftermarket calibrators.
    • Ford Racing Cold Air Kits utilize production quality components which mount in the stock location (reuse of mass air meter sensor required).
    • Kit includes 113mm mass air meter and no calibration.
    • A performance calibration is necessary to prevent engine damage. Calibration not included!
    Learn More
  3. Ford Performance Cobra Jet Replacement Air Filter

    Replacement air filter for the 2007-2009 Mustang SVT 113 mm cold air kit M-9603-SVT07 and M-6066-SGT supercharger upgrade kit

    Learn More

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