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  1. MAG-93335

    Magnaflow 99-04 Mustang GT 2.5" Tru-X Pipe w/Cats

    • 2.5" Tubing
    • Tru-X Crossover Pipe
    • With Converters

    MagnaFlow's Mustang Catalytic Converter is designed to do two jobs: Reduce Emissions and Improve Flow. The emission reducing task is taken care of by two high-efficiency ceramic catalysts that use heat and a precious metal coating to burn off harmful elements. Flow improvements are accomplished by utilizing fast-flowing mandrel-bent tubing and incorporating MagnaFlow's Tru-X crossover pipe that replaces the inefficient factory h-pipe. MagnaFlow makes both a 50-State-legal Mustang converter, as well as an off-road Tru-X crossover pipe without converters.

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