Ford Performance 8.8" 4.10 Gears

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Ford Performance 8.8" 4.10 Gears

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Ford Racing 8.8" Gear Sets No one does 8.8" gears better than Ford Racing....stronger and quieter. The 8.8" rear end has been the standard in performance since its introduction in the Mustang in 1986 and Ford Racing is the manufacturer of choice when it's time to hop-up your axle. Made in the United States at Ford's Sterling Axle Plant (competitors in our price range are primarily produced in China) OEM quality - our superior surface finish, hardening, and manufacturing consistency provide the strongest and quietest 8.8" gears in the market! Higher quality gears means more satisfied customers! Race Proven - Ford Racing 8.8" gears are the choice of championship road racing and drag racing teams including Multimatic Motorsports and Kurgan Motorsports. When your plans call for an 8.8" gear look for the only brand good enough to wear the Ford oval.
Manufacturer Ford Performance

Customer Reviews

A Kick in the Pants! Review by Roush05
I went from stock 3.55 gears to FRPP 4.10s and the change was night and day! The torque in first and second gear is unreal when I get on the throttle. I had to go buy a new set of tires for the rear to accommodate these gears! Things to be aware of: In-town MPG will improve slightly, but highway mileage will drop 1-2 MPG. It's a fair trade-off in my opinion, but I would consider 3.73 gears if you do a lot of highway commuting. These gears have the most oomph in the first couple gears, so if you are a mostly highway driver, you will benefit better from some less steep gears. All in all, I say go for it! It's like a brand new car. (Posted on 5/2/12)

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