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Ford GT Supercar Fuel Pump (1 Pump)

SKU: FMC-4G7Z-9A407-CA

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Ford GT Supercar Fuel Pump (1 Pump)

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Ford GT Supercar Fuel Pump (1 Pump)

When increasing the power level on your car there comes a point to where the limit of the stock pump is reached. It's very important to address this as if you lack the fuel to support the power level you're making you are at risk of having a failure. These GT pumps significantly outflow the stock pumps and will provide the fuel you need. They fit into most Mustang fuel pump assemblies with ease and are a very affordable option. When adding the GT pumps to your car whether it be a 03-04 Cobra or a 99-04 GT you need to make sure that you upgrade your FPDM as the GTpumps draw quite a few more amps then the stock pumps do. This will overload a stock FPDM and cause it to go into thermal shutdown under extreme load. The options that are available to properly run a pair of GT pumps are a Stage 1 and 2 modified FPDM, Dual FPDM harness kit and the Zone 5 MDM or MDMjr. The GT pumps are used in all of Lethal Performance's returnless style fuel systems.

NOTE: Ford OEM and Ford Racing Performance Parts are sold "as is" with no warranty.


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