Fluidyne 03-04 Cobra 3 Core Heat Exchanger


Manufacturer: Fluidyne

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Fluidyne 03-04 Cobra 3 Core Heat Exchanger

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Fluidyne 03-04 Cobra 3 Core Heat Exchanger

FLUIDYNE High Performance is proud to announce the release of the 2003-04 Mustang Cobra intercooler system heat exchanger, the FHP35-03COB-HX is destined to be a must have for the performance minded, the FLUIDYNE design is the only Cobra heat exchanger on the market that boasts a three row design with 1 inch tubes for maximum performance!

The FHP35-03COB-HX, like each FLUIDYNE High Performance radiator, is an all-aluminum welded construction featuring CAB-brazed (no epoxy) core for superior durability. This heat exchanger also utilizes FLUIDYNE's race-proven technology in fin design and configuration to deliver top performance and consistency.

The FLUIDYNE model is also a bolt-in fit, utilizing the existing mounting bracketry and rubber mounts for simple installation. The FHP35-03COB-HX provides the ultimate cooling system package for the street and strip!


Core Size: 18.0Wx 6.19H x 3.15D
Core Style: 3-row with 1 tubes
Overall Size: 21.62W x 6.45H x 3.5D
(Not including brackets or hose fittings)

Special Notes: Direct Fit bolt in using original brackets.   5 inches shorter than original cooler to allow the use of 3-row core while maintaining use of stock brackets. 5 inch coolant 
hose extension required.

Manufacturer Fluidyne

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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004