Driveshaft Shop 04-06 Pontiac GTO 1400HP Axles with larger 30- spline bars

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Manufacturer: Driveshaft Shop

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Driveshaft Shop 04-06 Pontiac GTO 1400HP Axles with larger 30- spline bars

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This is our upgraded 1400HP rear axle set for the GTO platform. This set of axles has the thicker Porsche style 108mm CV and hardware that is 30% stronger than the factory design. These axles feature our new 1-3/8" OD 300m 30 spline bars which are significantly larger than any other axle on the market today. Lets say that again, this is a 30 spline axle (not just 28 like other manufacturers). These axles also have a greater advantage of certified 4340AQ cages (not just chromoly). It also has a certified 300m center race that is without a doubt one the of strongest CV races in the industry. This is a direct fit axle and will handle most powerful street and track cars. These axles will bolt directly to the factory differential stubs and include new hardware for installation. Rated to 1400HP. You know who runs our axles and why. The question is why dont you? using a 35 spline spool, i admit if your going to use the stock diff this is an advantage but when matching parts you need to consider this. Going bigger on the spline in the diff will not help if you leave the axles the same small 28 spline that the original diff had right ? i would suggest this, use the other manufacturers larger spline spool and stubs but make the system complete with our larger 30 spline Axle set, this set of axles is a full 2 spline larger. Splines are expediential in strength. this means a 10% increase in diameter can be as much as a 40% strength increase, as your build grows so will the need for high end parts. A 28 spline is not a bad thing but why make the spline in the diff bigger with out getting the bigger spline axles ? keep in mind we have every 8 second independent record on this 30 spline design. We have been around for some time and have found thru failures what works and what doesn't

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Manufacturer Driveshaft Shop
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  • Pontiac GTO 2004,2005,2006