Driveshaft Shop 03-04 Cobra Level 5 Halfshafts


Manufacturer: Driveshaft Shop

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Driveshaft Shop 03-04 Cobra Level 5 Halfshafts

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For the extreme racer that wants to beef up the IRS to handle high horsepower and torque levels DSS offers the Level 5 Halfshaft upgrade. Extreme testing by Jay North (and the Strictly performance group) along with help from Rich Juliano and the web site this system is ready to run, designed to handle 900HP at the wheels it has our extreme 300M center bar but what makes this set stand out is its mega large outer c.v. (redesigned) and custom hub (also redesigned). DSS has taken their time producing this system which is not only streetable but very effective in keeping the power under control.

**The kit comes with both axles including the outer c.v.'s**

A set of custom hubs to handle the larger c.v. along with a set of ARP racing studs to complete the package. like the level 2 you will need to re-use the inner c.v. (installing the inner c.v. is a very easy installation, all you need to do is remove the boot straps and pull the inner c.v. off the tripod. The end of the bar has a snap ring to open, then slide off the tripod. Slip it back onto the new 300m bar reinstall the snap ring and close the boot). 

This kit includes new custom DSS inner bearing tripods. If you want to use the stock inner bearing tripods, you can send them in to DSS for modification and receive a $100 credit. Customer is responsible for shipping OEM tripods to DSS, and then DSS will send them back on the new axles.


NOTE: This item is special order and may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship.

Manufacturer Driveshaft Shop
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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004