DivisionX 2005-2010 3V Mustang GT 1400rwhp Return Style Fuel System

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DivisionX 2005-2010 3V Mustang GT 1400rwhp Return Style Fuel System

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E85 USERS: We recommend using the Walbro F90000267 465lph pumps as these are the only pumps sold by Walbro as a 100% E85/Flex Fuel compatible fuel pump. We also recommend using the DivisionX DX-0010MW fuel filter with wire mesh filter element as paper elements are not compatible with E85.

NOTE: This system comes standard with Fragola PTFE fuel hose. PTFE fuel hose is more durable than the standard hose and prevents fuel smell typically found when using non PTFE hose.We have used the standard Fragola non-Teflon based fuel hose on several of our shop cars with both gasoline and E85 with excellent results and no fuel smell. If you would like the non PTFE hose please choose that option from the dropdown menu. If you decide to purchase this kit with the standard hose Lethal Performance will not be liable for claims of fuel smell after installation. 

The Lethal Performance return style fuel systems are designed as a "dead head" setup. This places the regulator before the fuel rails which we've found works better than the traditional return style setup. We use this same exact system in several of our shop cars including our 1150rwhp E85 powered 2013 GT500 and 872rwhp E85 powered 03 Cobra. 

The fuel lines in this system come pre-assembled. Due to this, the installation of the system becomes much easier as you will not need to install any hose ends. With that said, the system is designed to be installed one way. If you try and install the lines in any other configuration then the one we designed it for you won't be able to properly install the system. 

Lethal Performance is not responsible for any additional hose or fittings required due to custom installation.

 With the release of the DivisionX S197 fuel hat we're excited announce several different return style fuel systems for the 2005-2010 3V Mustang GT owner in need of more fuel.

These fuel system are designed to help safely support higher hp levels and come with everything needed for a complete installation. So whether you're looking to support 700rwhp or 1400hp we have a kit specifically designed just for you.

One of the major improvements these new systems offer are the single feed line. In the past our systems used a different fuel hat which required the use of a 3-into-1 y-block. That also created the need for more lines and fittings making the system cost more and more difficult to install. The new systems use the DivisionX Gen 3 hat which has a single outlet and single return eliminating the use of an external y-block. In addition to that the new fuel hat incorporates an OEM style connector both on the hat and the wiring harness. The advantages to this are that there's no more wires passed through the hat. Wires passed through the hat and sealed with epoxy have been know to leak fuel. The OEM connector guarantees a leak free setup. In addition the OEM connector makes this a true PLUG-N-PLAY setup between the hat and wire harness that doesn't require any soldering at the hat. Simply plug the connector at the end of the wire harness into the connector on the hat and you're done.

The DivisionX fuel hat is a direct replacement for your stock fuel hat. Simply remove the stock setup and the DivisionX hat drops right in. The DX hat uses the same OEM venturi setup and level sender as the stock pump system did so your fuel level will always read accurately.

Easy to Upgrade- If at any point you grow out of the system you're in and need to step up to the next system to support more hp all you need is the pumps as all of the systems are the same except for the pumps.

System Includes:
DivisionX S197 Dual Pump Return Style Fuel Hat
DivisionX 3V High Flow Fuel Rails - Black Anodized
DivisionX 10 Micron Fuel Filter

PTFE Teflon Lined fuel hose (pre-assembled)
Aeromotive Pro-Series 4 Port 1:1 Boost Reference EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator
(2) Walbro/TI Autmotive DCSS 465lph Fuel Pumps
Lethal Performance Dual Relay Wiring Harness
DivisionX 0-100psi Fuel Pressure Regulator
XRP and Fragola Fuel Fittings
Fragola Push-Lite Fuel Hose
OEM Level Sender
Loom Clamps, Self Tapping Screws and Zip Ties
Vacuum Hose and T- Fitting for Boost Reference
Complete Installation Guide with Diagram can be downloaded from the Installation Instruction section at the bottom of our home page.

NOTES: 2010+ GT's and GT500's use a different level sender than the 05-09 GT's and 07-09 GT500's.Due to that all 2010+ GT's and GT500's need to re-use their stock level sender with this hat. To properly install your stock level sender use the dropdown menu to add the 2010+ level sender bracket to your order.

Manufacturer DivisionX
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