Detroit Locker 8.8" 31 Spline Differential

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Manufacturer: Detroit Locker

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Detroit Locker 8.8" 31 Spline Differential

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Detroit Locker 8.8" 31 Spline Differential

* Fully Automatic Locking Action
* No Individual Wheel Spin-out
* Maintenance Free
* Legendary Durability
* Easy Installation
* Proven Design One Year
* Warranty

The legendary Detroit Locker began the revolution in performance differentials, and yet it still leads the industry. The Detroit Locker is still the most durable and reliable locking differential available. Detroit Locker maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque and power to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, and has the ability to automatically allow wheel speed differentiation when required. New preload devices between the side gears provide for a quieter and smoother traction control.

No other performance differential has the reputation for durability of the Detroit Locker,delivering traction in mud, snow, dirt and over rocks and ruts. Proven every week by demanding professionals in NASCAR, IHRA, NHRA, ARCA, CORR and other performance enthusiasts. The most rugged positive locking differential, and most widely available for axles from 3,000 to 70,000 lb. capacity.

For severe operational conditions. Driver may hear and feel "backlash" going from drive-to-coast and coast-to-drive, as reversing torque flow resets the components.

Manufacturer Detroit Locker

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