Delta Force Special Forces Tune Kit (Ford Gas Vehicles)

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Delta Force Special Forces Tune Kit (Ford Gas Vehicles)

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Tired of waiting for custom files and you want to take control of your sales? Delta Force Tuning has revolutionized gas engine tuning by providing access to engine and transmission parameters for the Ford enthusiast. The ease of use and end-results of this one-of-a-kind software will leave you mystified and wondering how can tuning be so easy! But wait there's more. This same software package developed by Delta Force Tuning also provides end-user adjustability like no other product. You can create, modify or even fine tune your own performance program straight from your laptop or desktop pc (as seen in the sample screen shots).  Recon data logging only works with a 32 bit Operating system and on vehicles with the EEC-V pcm (96-03)

The Special Forces software has been developed to work for bone stock to heavily modified vehicles. The Special Forces covers all popular Ford EEC-V pcm for gas engines (96-04).  2005+ vehicles will need the Commando software.  That means just 1 part number covers all vehicles. There is no limit as to how many files you can create.


Features include:
96-04 vehicles
Range of adjustability
-Compression ratio
-Low / High fan settings
-Engine idle speed
-Passive Anti Theft
-Fuel Octane rating
-Headers / exhaust
-H / x pipe
-Rear oxygen sensor delete
-Trans shift points
-Trans shift firmness
-Engine rev limiter
-Engine speed limiter
-Tire height / speedo correction
-Gear ratio / speedo correction
-Air Fuel Ratio adjustments (richen/lean)
-Spark advance (+/-)
Unlimited performance files

Same as above plus...
-Supercharger (Roots / Centrifugal)
-Nitrous (wet / dry)
-Injector size
-Returnless fuel pressure setting
-Mass Air brand / calibration
-Intercooler type
-Fuel pump type
-Unlimited number of files can be created
Unlimited performance files

Depending on year, make and model of your vehicle, some of the above features may not apply.  The price of the Special Forces software (Flash version) allows you to program 2 vehicles and you have the option to program additional vehicles with the purchase of Bullets. The chip version requires the purchase of additional plug-in chip.  For any gas engine tuning, we recommend that you monitor your Air/Fuel ratio with a wide-band tool.

Manufacturer Sniper
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