CP-e 05-2010 Mustang GT / 07-2012 Shelby GT500 Triple Pump TopHat


Manufacturer: CPE

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CP-e 05-2010 Mustang GT / 07-2012 Shelby GT500 Triple Pump TopHat

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The 4.6L 3V and 5.4L 4V motors in the Mustang GT's and GT500's respectively, are legendary motors. A massive following with amazing aftermarket support – there are virtually no limits to what has been done to this powertrain. With any need to make power – a steady supply of fuel is needed. Enter the TopHat™ fuel solution designed and manufactured by Custom Performance Engineering, Inc.


  • CAD/CAM/CMM Engineered and manufactured 
  • 6061 CNC Billet Aluminum 
  • Up to 3 x 400Lph or 3 x 255Lph pumps, mounted vertically 
  • Integrated merge from all pumps – NO need for additional y-block plumbing 
  • Uses OEM siphon -10 AN Feed -8 AN Return 
  • Low profile fitment 
  • Integrated attachment for OEM fuel level sender 
  • Hermetically sealed wires with o-ring 
  • Hardware, filters, fuel lines, clamps and etc. included to accommodate various configurations 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Lifetime Warranty

The TopHat™ is the ultimate solution for all fueling needs, designed to take up to three 400Lph pumps. The design was also intended to be plug and play, easy to install and reliable with many features to make the transition easier and have you on your way to meeting your power goals. 
The TopHat™, engineered and manufactured by Custom Performance Engineering, Inc., is the ultimate in upgrades for the fueling system. Accommodating those wanting to run two pumps for a bump in power, to those targeting 1200hp with ethanol – this setup is the all in one solution. 
The design of the fuel system supports up to three 400lph fuel pumps, delivering more fuel than the more standard 255lph pumps. The pumps are secured with O-rings for optimal height and to isolate vibrations from the aluminum body of the system. 
To cut the cost of upgrading, simplify the amount of parts and eliminate additional plumbing to reduce leaks we have integrated the merge for the three fuel pumps in the hat itself. Ease of installation is always a big concern for our customers and cp-e™ is striving to deliver in this department. 
Any fuel coming back through the return line is fed down through a ½” stainless steel tube to the bottom of the tank. This helps eliminate aeration of the fuel, providing a more consistent pickup. To further reduce aeration a side port has been incorporated, channeling fuel away from the pump pickup. The supplied O-ring plug blocks off one direction or the other. 
Reverse engineering using a CMM arm, modeling OE components and with precision CNC manufacturing we are able to make the TopHat™ as plug and play as possible. We utilize the factory siphon system to extract fuel from the other side of the fuel tank. Necessary features have been CNC milled to mimic OEM design to accommodate the factory level sender, placing it in the exactly the same position as OEM. 
The wiring harness is isolated and sealed from the fuel tank with a proprietary Delrin wire seal. Delrin has one of the highest resistances to fuels of any plastic, so it was chosen to provide a lifetime of trouble free operation.

Manufacturer CPE
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