Comp Cams Mustang GT Xtreme Energy Stage IV Camshafts

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Manufacturer: Comp Cams

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Comp Cams Mustang GT Xtreme Energy Stage IV Camshafts

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Comp Cams

2010 Mustang GT Xtreme Energy Stage IV Camshafts


  • Rpm operating range =1500 to 6200

  • MAX street/strip performance excellent Mid/Top-End power

  • Needs lower gears, 3000+ stall with automatics

  • Needs custom computer programming

  • Valve spring upgraded required (Set of 2 camshafts)

  • Very, Very Rough Idle

Gross Lift Intake- .490, Exhaust- .485
Advertised Duration Intake- 261°, Exhaust- 288°

Looking to improve the performance of your 2010 Ford 4.6 & 5.4-liter 3 valve modular engine? COMP Cams announces the release of a new line of high performance camshafts, which utilize the latest in COMP Xtreme Energy technology and are specifically engineered for the unique needs of this popular new engine platform. Designed to work with the Fords factory variable cam timing (VCT) system and popular aftermarket performance upgrades, these camshafts are direct replacement components that deliver approximately 10% more horsepower and torque (COMP Part #26113 Beehive Valve Springs & computer tuning are recommended).

The performance secret behind the COMP Cams Ford 4.6 & 5.4-Liter 3 Valve Modular Camshafts is the application of the COMP Cams Xtreme Energy technology. By focusing on what they wanted the valve to do at specific rpm rather than simply the camshaft profile, COMP Cams engineers were able to increase the amount of time the valves were open and generate improved area under the curve, netting huge power and torque increases.

In addition, by advancing the camshaft timing at low rpm but maintaining similar intake valve closing points, improved throttle responsiveness was gained. Working with the VCT, which is programmed to retard the engine timing at peak power, COMP Cams new Ford 3 valve cams optimize both low and high rpm performance. As noted by the COMP Cams engineering staff, these camshafts provide the biggest power and torque improvements, from idle to redline, of any sub-300cid engine they have tested.


* Add 30 to 40 more horsepower with equally impressive torque gains
* Designed to work with Ford variable cam timing (VCT) system to optimize both low and high rpm performance
* Camshafts are direct replacement components with no engine modifications required
* Significantly improve throttle responsiveness and designed to complement popular aftermarket performance upgrades
* Provides the biggest hp & torque improvement, from idle to redline, COMP Cams has found for any sub-300cid engine they have ever tested

Manufacturer Comp Cams

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