Cobra Bob 1982-2004 Mustang T-5/T-45/TR3650 Shifter Gasket Set


Manufacturer: CobraBob's Stang Shifter Gaskets

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Cobra Bob 1982-2004 Mustang T-5/T-45/TR3650 Shifter Gasket Set

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Cobra Bob's shifter gaskets came on the scene and have been a huge success since their release. Selling over 5000 sets in a very short amount of time.

The Cobra Bob high-temp silicone gaskets fit all aftermarket shifters such as Hurst, Steeda Tri-Ax, Pro-50 and MGW..

The main purpose of Bob's gaskets is to get rid of the added drivetrain noise associated after installing an aftermarket shifter. The gasket kits include a gasket for the shifter base as well as the handle which still offer the same feel but without the noise.

Shifter Gasket Features:
-Installation instructions are included
-Very easy to install!
-No messy silicone sealer needed
-No mess or scraping
-Faster shifter install
-Reduced transmission noise
-Better shifter seal
-Easy install

* Note 2001 GT Owners - If you have a 2001 GT Mustang, you could either have a T45 transmission or a TR-3650 transmission. Ford switched half way through production in 2001. To determine which you have look at the build sticker on your drivers side door jam. If you have a letter K under the TR code, then you have a TR-3650 transmission, if not then you have a T45.

* Note that Hurst Billet/Plus shifters for the T45 use a metal plate included with the shifter. Due to this plate, it is recommended that you use two gaskets with this particular Hurst Billet/Plus application, one on each side of the plate.

Manufacturer CobraBob's Stang Shifter Gaskets
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