Centerforce 96-2016 Mustang Twin Disc DYAD Clutch Kit (26 Spline)

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Manufacturer: Centerforce

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Centerforce 96-2016 Mustang Twin Disc DYAD Clutch Kit (26 Spline)

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The DYAD DS (Drive System) multi-disc clutch design has been developed to meet the needs of modern high-end vehicles. Today’s technology has allowed for engine torque levels up to 1300 ft /lbs and still be driven every day. Drivers need a clutch that can offer; smooth engagement, quiet operation, light pedal, and high-end holding capacity. The DYAD DS offers that and more!

The Definition of DYAD: “\dy ad\ Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair, or combining power of two.”

  • No complicated setup or adjustments required
  • Fully dampened clutch system developed for vehicles with extreme power levels
  • Patented ball bearing pressure plate
  • Patented multi-disc floating disc and drive disc design
  • Quiet, positive drive floater
  • Smooth engagement and light pedal effort
  • High torque capacity up to 1300 ft/lbs at the flywheel
  • Precision balanced
  • Greater longevity
  • ARP fasteners
  • Excellent driver control
  • Comes preassembled for your convenience
  • Specification card included!
Part Number 04114805
Input Shaft Spline (Inches) 1-1/8-26
Size Metric 266.7
Size Inches 10.5
Ring Gear Tooth Count 164
Ring Gear O.D. 14.215
Counter Balance 0 IN/OZ
Includes Pressure Plate, Discs, Floater, Flywheel, Bolts, Alignment Tool, Pilot Bearing

NOTE: Requires 26 spline input shaft!!! All 96-2010 Mustangs come factory with 10 spline input shafts. 2011+ Mustang GT come factory qith 23 spline input shafts.

NOTE #2: Requires 8 bolt crank shaft. 96-04 Cobra's/Mach 1 (Manual trans) and 2011+ Mustang GT all have factory 8 bolt crank shafts. Most 96-2010 Mustang GT's have a 6 bolt, with the exception being SOME late 99-2000 Mustang GT's that came with 8 bolt crank shafts. Verify crank shaft bolt pattern before placing order.

Manufacturer Centerforce
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