Carrillo 2013-2014 Focus ST H Beam Connecting Rods (WMC Bolts)

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Carrillo 2013-2014 Focus ST H Beam Connecting Rods (WMC Bolts)

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With big turbo swaps and serious fuel system upgrades available for your 2013 to 2014 Focus ST's 2.0L EcoBoost engine, it's surprisingly easy to push your ST's engine internals well past their breaking points. While the pistons tend to need replacement near the 375 to 300 horsepower mark, monster Focus ST builds pushing out nearly 500 horsepower at the crankshaft will need this awesome set of CP-Carrillo connecting rods in order to hold all of your hot-hatch's immense levels of horsepower and torque. Carrillo's forged H-beam connecting rods feature one of the most unique rod designs on the market so that you can take your 2.0L EcoBoost and Focus ST to the absolute limits of its performance on the street or down at the track. Carrillo manufactures each of these rods to provide your high-powered Focus ST a quality internal rotating component that can handle any application you need.

CP-Carrillo's rods for the 2013 to 2014 Focus STs feature a sturdy H-Beam design and are forged from a specialized chrome, nickel, moly, and vanadium alloy that makes these rods extremely strong and resistant to both the heat and pressure found in extreme motorsports applications. The unique forged alloy is then precisely CNC machined down to the proper specs before being heat-treat and shot-peened to improve their strength and durability even further. The most unique feature of Carrillo's EcoBoost rods is that they use a more standard 22mm piston pin size, versus stock 22.5mm, giving you more options for custom pin and piston configurations. This version of CP-Carrillos' 2.0L EcoBoost connecting rods come with bolts with a unique thread design and are made from H-11 tool steel rated up to 220,000 UTS.

Works with CP-Carrillo Pistons Only: because these rods require a unique pin size, they will only fit with CP-Carrillo Pistons, which will be available soon.

Manufacturer CP-Carrillo

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