Autometer C2 Series 10,000 RPM Shift-Lite

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Autometer C2 Series 10,000 RPM Shift-Lite

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AutoMeter C2 Series 10,000 RPM Shift-Lite

  • Operates on 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines with points, Electronic, and most high performance racing ignitions with 12 volt power.

  • A wicked blue light cuts through the dark mist and tire smoke as a state-of-the-art power plant is brought up to full throttle. The tachometer's glowing pointer smoothly edges toward 9,000 rpm. 1320 feet and in less than 10 seconds, silence. This is where cool blue calculation meets red-hot performance. This is C2.

    A 5-inch shift light tachometer, blue light, LED powered luminescent techonology, contrasting hot accents, and a matching assortment of C2 stepper motor gauges is what you need. The C2 tachometer features precision air-core movement, engineering to provide extremely accurate readings under harsh racing conditions. Shift into a new light.

    Auto Meter's Original Monster size tachometers feature an air core meter movement and advanced electronic circuitry that provide accuracy and fast action response. The 5 dial face provides maximum readability and adjustable red line shift marker helps maintain proper shift points. A rubber lined shock mounting strap absorbs the rough pounding and vibrations in sportsman racing. The mounting base can be put in a variety of places including the roll cage, steering column, or on top of the dash.

    Manufacturer Auto Meter
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