Autolite Revolution 05-07 Mustang / 04-07 F150 HT1 Spark Plugs (8)


Manufacturer: Autolite

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Autolite Revolution 05-07 Mustang / 04-07 F150 HT1 Spark Plugs (8)

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Autolite Revolution HT1 Spark Plugs (8)

**Stock heat rage, designed as direct replacmement spark plugs

Prevent pre-ignition and detonation of the fuel due to the higher cylinder temperatures found in supercharged or nitrous fed engines with Autolite HT series spark plugs!

Pre-ignition is typically caused by many factors, such as an overheated spark plug tip which acts like a glow plug to ignite the charge. This puts a tremendous load on the engine and adds considerable heat, and serious engine damage.

These AUTOLITE Revolution HT Series Spark Plugs are one heat range colder than the stock Mustang plug and are designed specifically to handle the high boost pressure nitrous, and air flow into the engine. These plugs are factory gaped at 0.045 inch.
Manufacturer Autolite

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  • Mustang GT 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009
  • F-Series(5.4L 24v) 2004,2005,2006,2007