Apexi AVC-R ELectronic Boost Controller

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Manufacturer: Apexi

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Apexi AVC-R ELectronic Boost Controller

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Apexi AVC-R ELectronic Boost Controller

Concept: Advanced electronic boost controller

Characteristics: Highly flexible boost control with revolutionary new functions; Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).

Comments The Super AVC-R is the premium closed-loop electronic boost controller on the market. The AVC-R allows flexible control over virtually every aspect of boost control and adds new innovative functions such as injector pulse monitoring and gear specific boost control. Some key functions include: RPM-based boost and solenoid duty cycle control, scramble boost, self learning mode, 2D ghost map trace mode, analog display mode, real time replay and peak hold data modes. The AVC-R utilizes an ultra-fast microprocessor and a high quality solenoid valve to control boost. The result is ultra-fast response and accurate, stable boost control.

Due to the complexity of this product, A'PEX recommends having the AVC-R and other A'PEX electronics installed and tuned by authorized A'PEX Power Excel Shops.
Manufacturer Apexi

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