AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchanger w/Dual 10" Fans


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AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchanger w/Dual 10" Fans

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AFCO Pro-Series Dual Pass Heat Exchanger w/Dual 10" Spal Fans Lethal Performance is proud to announce the new AFCO Pro-Series Dual Pass Heat Exchanger with DUAL 10" Spal Fans. As many know we were the ones to introduce the AFCO dual pass heat exchanger to the GT500 market. AFCO approached us several weeks ago letting us know that they've finally put together an upgraded unit with dual fans. They obviously know how important it is to keep up with the demand that our customers look for. As we've seen the dual fan heat exchanger has become a very popular unit. Continuous air across the fins of the heat exchanger help in lowering inlet air temps. This will also prevent you from losing power due to heat soak. The addition of (2) 10" Spal fans along with a larger core means business. This will be the largest heat exchanger for the GT500 to this date. If anyone has seen an AFCO product you know it's of the highest quality. The cores, welds and design are used in many high performance applications for both street and track use. Lethal Performance has locked up the entire first batch and we're giving all of our customers a first shot at purchasing them. We expect to have them available by the end of this month. If you're on our mailing list you'll receive an email about the new AFCO heat exchanger tomorrow. If not you can find more info about this piece on our website or by giving us a call. When dealing with Roots or Twin Screw Superchargers there's always the issue of intake temps. When running the car hard and spinning the blower fast you create heat. Heat equals a loss in power as well as the possibility of damage to the engine. One way to help reduce these intake temps and the risk of damage is to add more fluid into the intercooler system which in turn helps lower intake temps by disiapating heat. Whenever you add more boost to your car, cooling becomes extremely important. Whether it be on the street or at the track the warmer the car runs the more timing gets pulled. In addition to that an excessive amount of heat known as heat soak starts to take place. This keeps the car down on power and running less efficient. This again can be helped by adding more fluid into the cooling system. The temperature of the intercooler fluid will lower and cool down faster in between runs. You can do all this with the addition of the AFCO Pro-Series Heat Exchanger and dual fan setup. Here is a rundown of AFCO Pro-Series heat exchanger vs. Stock: Core Size AFCO core is 11 3/8" x 26 " x 2". Stock is 6" tall x 23" wide x 1.25" thick. Height: Stock 6" AFCO 11 3/8" Width: Stock 23" AFCO 26.25" Thickness: Stock 1.25" AFCO 2.0" Front Face Area Stock 138 sq. in. AFCO 298 sq. in. Fan Type: Dual 10" Spal Fans Here's some of the features of the AFCO Pro-Series Heat Exchanger for the Shelby GT500 and S197 Mustang GT: * Fits 2011-2012 Shelby GT500 and 2011-2012 Mustang GT's * High efficient double pass design vs. OEM single pass * DUAL 10" Spal Fans * Increased HP do to a dramatic intake temperature drop compared to stock * Quicker cool down times in between runs at the track * Helps prevent heat soak and detonation due to increased intake temps * Simple do-it-yourself bolt on installation * Furnace brazed core (no epoxies) with beautifully tig welded tank construction
Manufacturer AFCO
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