AFCO 03-04 Dual Fan Upgrade Kit for 80275NDP


Manufacturer: AFCO

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AFCO 03-04 Dual Fan Upgrade Kit for 80275NDP

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AFCO 03-04 Dual Fan Upgrade Kit for 80275NDP

Lethal Performance is proud to now offer the NEW AFCO dual fan upgrade kit for the 03-04 Cobra. We were actually the people behind making this product happen. We knew how well the fanned setups work on the GT500's and Lightnings that it was time to finally offer this type of setup for the 03-04 Cobras.

The dual fan upgrade kit is for those that already own the 80275NDP that want to upgrade to the fanned setup. The kit comes complete with (2) Spal fans, custom wiring harness and all necessary parts for installing the fans onto your existing heat exchanger.

Dual Fan Technology
The new AFCO 80275PRO heat exchanger used a pair of Spal fans to always keep air moving across the fins of the heat exchanger. Not only do the fans help when the car is moving slow in city or traffic driving but they continue to run even when you're at a stop. Traditionally when you're at a stop no air is passed through the fins of the heat exchanger. That's when the intake air temps go up. With the new dual fan setup there is always air being passed through the fins of the heat exchanger so the fluid in the intercooler system will not only stay cooler but won't rise as fast as it would if the fans weren't there.

 Another great thing about the heat exchanger with fans is for when you take the car to the dragstrip. After you run the car down the track the intercooler fluid heats up quite a bit. When that happens the PCM typically pulls timing. So before you make another run you want that fluid to cool as much as possible so your next run isn't with lower timing. All you need to do in order to cool things down is wire in a switch that allows you to turn both the fans and intercooler pump on while the engine is off. What this does is circulate the hot fluid in the system while pulling air across the fins of the heat exchanger. This cools the fluid very quickly and by the time you run the car again your intercooler temps will be at ambient temperature.

Manufacturer AFCO
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  • SVT Cobra 2003,2004