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Whipple 01-04 Ford Lightning/Harley W210AX (3.4L) SC "Racer" Kit / 17psi / Black **EGR & Air Box Assembly Not Included**


Manufacturer: Whipple

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Whipple 01-04 Ford Lightning/Harley W210AX (3.4L) SC "Racer" Kit / 17psi / Black   **EGR & Air Box Assembly Not Included**

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate
Whipple 01-04 Lightning/Harley W210ax Supercharger Racer Kit (Black)

The biggest and baddest blower for the Lightning is now shipping from Whipple's Largest US Distributor- Lethal Performance!!!

The 3.4L Lightning Tuner Kit includes:

3.4L Supercharger
No Cold Air Intake
No EGR Hookup (Customer to supply EGR block off plate)

The kits are presently shipping with a 3.5" upper pulley which on a stock block with a stock lower crank pulley will create 23psi of boost. Larger uppers will soon be available. For those that want to run lower boost in the meantime Lethal Performance offers a 6.5" Metco lower ring which will work on you current Metco lower pulley kit. The 6.5" lower ring will reduce boost by 4psi. These are in stock and are offered at $125.00 in the pulley section.

The 3.4L Lightning Kit is finally here. Horsepower Ratings, Dyno Numbers are soon to come.

Lethal Performance is Whipple's Largest US Distributor and has been the 1st to ship any of Whipple's new supercharger kits in the last 2 years including the 2.3L Lightning Kit.


If your craving more power from your Lightning or Harley truck than what you had before then get ready for something that will blow your mind! The all new W210ax HPR 3.4L Lightning Supercharger Kit!!

Get the industries largest, most efficient and latest designed twin-screw supercharger. The new Whipple 3.4L Kit can produce incredible power levels with stock 5.4L Lightning engines as well as highly modified engines. The revolutionary new W210ax HPR compressor has the ability to run 30lbs of continuous boost with peak boost levels of 35psi (engine modifications required) for unheralded performance.

This direct bolt-on replacement system dramatically lowers supercharger air temperatures and power consumption (hp) versus the factory Eaton roots-type supercharger. The complete bolt-on system comes with all the necessary parts which include a large mouth inlet casting, high-flow cold-air intake system with massive S&B True Flow 9 filter and all as the necessary parts for a simple installation. The Whipple 3.4L W210ax kit accommodates both factory and aftermarket throttle bodies and theres no need to clearance the firewall or hood in anyway.

Other companies make false claims and inaccurate judgments regarding supercharger efficiency and kits. Its a simple fact that the Whipple Supercharger produces more air per rpm at lower temps and lower parasitic losses.

  • Largest displacement screw compressor ever available for Lightnings and Harleys.
  • More air flow at lower compressor speeds when compared to competition
  • 210ci axial entry Whipple Twin screw supercharger with a High Pressure Ratio for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Axial supercharger case entry offers nearly 10% higher efficiency than radial entry compressors
  • Superior performance to ALL other superchargers on the market
  • No "boost lag" as with centrifugals and turbos
  • Boost range 10-30psi
  • Billet oversized bypass valve
  • Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in pan required

  • Manufacturer Whipple

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