Weapon X 4.6L/5.4L 3V Level 2 EFX Super Coil Ignition Kit


Manufacturer: Weapon X

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Weapon X 4.6L/5.4L 3V Level 2 EFX Super Coil Ignition Kit

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Powering vehicles up to and over 1200 rear wheel horsepower WeaponX possesses the most experience in the industry when it comes to late model super high performance coil on plug technology that delivers! 

Designing the best ignition coils on the planet WeaponX has engineered two patent pending features and done extensive testing to redefine high performance ignition coil design.

Developed primarily for late model engines by using existing ignition coil models developed for the F1 and F3 platforms WeaponX has successfully adapted the latest cutting edge technology for modern day street or performance oriented engines! Not only does this mean higher voltage but it also means more total energy output vs all competitors! 

WeaponX's Exclusive pat. technology also allows for an impressive 80,000 volt output and gains never before seen through an ignition upgrade! This along with multiple spark discharge events coupled with high output mag core technology delivers more power and mileage benefits then all other competitor designs. 

While all others mimic technology that hasn't changed since the inception of the ignition coil, WeaponX has taken a quantum leap ahead of the competition and has designed an ignition coil that has surpassed all others in form and function. 

By designing a completely new design, unlike conventional designs, the WeaponX XCOPS completely eliminate the need for interconnects meaning better, more efficient power transfer capabilities. Because of this, not only have customers realized anywhere from 10 to 40rwhp* but many customers have also reported fuel mileage increases by as much as 3 miles to the gallon meaning this is an investment that pays for itself in months. 

The WeaponX EFX ignition coil lineup also comes with a one year warranty and now exclusively has PCM optimized value file for your tuner to modify and optimize our ignition coils within the computer*. WeaponX is the ONLY company to ever develop and invest in these dramatic new cutting edge PCM parameters to further optimize your investment. 

XCOP EFX Racing Ignition Coil FEATURES:

Ignition energy output 
Multiple spark discharge
The best output available
80,000 volt output
Complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
High output capability
Super high quality conductor selections 
Ultra efficient power transfer and design characteristics
CNC profiled positive retention connectors
Weather proof dust boots - high rpm capability
Extended fuel mileage 
Extended horsepower
Internal cooling
High cross section laminated mag core
Professional level technology
True COP upgrade
Complete plug and play system 
Patent pending technology 

The XCOPS are the ultimate in COIL ON PLUG conversions available. You will simply love the benefits once installed on your vehicle!


Manufacturer Weapon X

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  • Mustang GT 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010
  • F-Series(5.4L 24v) 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008