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Maximum Motorsports 4-bolt Caster/Camber Plates-Chrome


Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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Maximum Motorsports 4-bolt Caster/Camber Plates-Chrome

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Maximum Motorsports 4-bolt Caster/Camber Plates-Chrome

  • MMs plates are double adjustable. They have separate adjusting slots to change caster and camber independent of one another.
  • Our plates double the range of motion available for camber adjustment compared to stock.
  • The range of motion available for caster adjustment is not limited by the design of the MM plate, but rather by the physical limitations of the strut tower.
  • The MM plates use a spherical bearing instead of a urethane bushing. A spherical bearing accommodates the required motion without binding. Urethane binds and puts a bending load on the top of the strut shaft, which may cause your strut top to break.
  • The steel construction and spherical bearing in MMs plates provide a non-deflecting strut mount. With the absence of deflection, you will get better performance because of a quicker and more direct steering response.
  • MMs plates include progressive rate urethane bump stops which softens the impact when the suspension bottoms out.
  • Our plates allow the use of the factory dust cover.
  • Finished with durable powdercoating or triple-plated chrome for great looks and long lasting protection.
  • MMs plates provide the greatest increase in suspension travel possible for lowered cars.
  • All MM Caster/Camber plates are TIG welded.
  • All MM Caster/Camber plates are suitable for use with coil-over conversion kits.
  • Manufacturer Maximum Motorsports

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