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Ford Releases 2016 Shelby GT350 Videos and Info

Although the Official Shelby GT350 will be revealed at 5pm PST in California today, Ford has digitally thrown back the cover on the all-new NA machine!  What we know so far is that the Ford Performance Vehicle will have a 5.2l, naturally aspirated, power plant with the flat plane crankshaft engine.  Ford claims this will be their highest output NA motor to date, making "more than" 500hp and at least 400lb/ft of torque. The GT350 appears to be more of a descendant of the BOSS 302 than the GT500, with it's stated purpose of being a track car.  The suspension also hints at the BOSS 302 lineage, it's going to be a magnetic dampened, fluid filled setup, and just check out that hood! 

More pics to follow after the official Ford reveal later today.

This highly anticipated performance vehicle will not be alone with 500 horses, we already hear Whipple is working on more POWER for this future legend..

We've compiled a list of videos of the GT350 for your viewing pleasure below: