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Bassani 99-04 Lightning Stainless Steel Off-Road Y-Pipe *No Cats

SKU: BAS-54150L2

Manufacturer: Bassani

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Bassani 99-04 Lightning Stainless Steel Off-Road Y-Pipe *No Cats

*image is only a representation and may not be accurate
Bassani 99-04 Lightning Stainless Steel Off-Road Y-Pipe *No Cats

The Equalizer Brand Crossover pipes are used to connect OEM style headers (including Bassani's) to the OEM style or Bassani cat-back muffler section on vehicles with single exhaust systems. Most OEM style crossover pipes utilize press-bent tubing, and press bending creates wrinkles and kinks in the tubing, which adversely effects the airflow. The Bassani Equalizer pipe uses mandrel bent stainless tubing welded into a non-restrictive collector in order to maximize the airflow, and in some cases the tubing diameter is altered to optimize exhaust system performance. Equalizer pipes comes in two versions, Off-Road (without catalytic converters) for those that don't have to worry about smog restrictions or for race-only applications, or a w/Cats version with 50 state approved catalytic converters for applications that are street driven and need to be concerned about the smog restrictions within their state. By installing Bassani's Equalizer pipes you will notice increased power and better fuel economy without sacrificing reliability.
Manufacturer Bassani

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  • SVT Lightning 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004